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Message # 81


ST. CLARE… Follow Your Spirit Without Hesitation!


Received through Zilanthrah

December 18th, 2009


I open my arms to embrace my children, my sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers. I am one who nurtures, one who loves unconditionally. 

I represent the Divine Feminine.


Divine Feminine energies have nurtured beings throughout your many lifetimes here on this loving being called planet Earth.


We have guided you with the intent of loving and nurturing yourselves and one another.  And you learned well; you learned firstly to love and care for others.  Now is the time to care for, love and nurture yourselves.


You are fully grown, spiritually mature ones of Light.  You are able to nurture yourselves in all aspects of existence in the realm of the 3rd dimension.  You have learned to care for yourselves well in your physical body.  Simultaneously you are learning to nurture yourselves in the 5th dimension.


How are you doing this?  By turning to that aspect of you that already dwells in the 5th dimension. 


You are aware that your physical is connected to your Spiritual body. And one of the things that you have learned is to follow your intuition as well as to use your discernment, which are both 5th dimensional ways of being. 


As you practice intuition and discernment, you are following your Spirit.  These are divine aspects of you.  So, you are already living 5th dimensionally while existing in your physical body.


Your practice of allowing others their reality without interference and judgment is a 5th dimensional practice.


Feeling empowered is a symptom of spiritual maturity, for you walk in the truth of who you truly are when empowered.


Feeling at peace and experiencing and expressing Joy are truly 5th dimensional ways of existence.  As you experience more peace, more joy and more connection to your Spirit, you are spending more time as a 5th dimensional being.


My children, my family, you are indeed finding your passion, indeed you are remembering your divine roots. 

You have entered the 5th doorway; look ahead where more awaits you. 


You have discovered that all lies within and you are remembering that this is Truth.  With your inner wisdom, you are drawing from the deep well of Divinity that is you.


During these times of special and distinct energies of change, you develop and grow moreso.  It comes to you now very quickly.  And you assimilate these energies just as quickly. 


Your proof is in the physical symptoms that you continue to endure.  It is a strenuous feat as one dimension gently takes the place of another.  How well you endure!


The shifting of your physical is part of your ascension journey, just as the development of your intuition and discernment is.  Allow your physical to guide you.  Work as a team, a unit whose intent is the same. 


As your physical evolves, it lets you know where it does or does not wish to be.  Being comfortable and at ease is highly important for in comfort you are able to relax and feel your connection to Spirit moreso.  So allow your journey to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible


When you find yourself thinking positive uplifting thoughts, know that you are experiencing the 5th dimension. 

In every moment that you love, you are 5th dimensional.


Love yourself, hug yourself, pat yourselves on the back. 


And continue to nurture yourselves.  Have fun, take time to treat yourselves.  Sleep well.  Take naps.  Lie on the couch all day and love the fact that you are doing nothing!  For in loving yourselves, you are again being 5th dimensional.


When you sing, dance, paint and are creative in any way, you are existing as a 5th dimensional being. 


Creation is huge in the 5th dimension! 

The simple act of creating a peaceful nurturing environment for yourselves is 5th dimensional. In this act, you are existing as a 5th dimensional being.


All of your ways are becoming interdimensional.  You slip in and slip out without realizing that you are. 

Dizzyness, lightheadedness, ringing in the ears, sleeping more and napping more are all symptoms of slipping in and out. 


You slip into the 5th dimension without being aware that this is what is occurring. 


Your attention is required in the 5th and when you experience dizziness, lightheadedness, ringing of the ears and more, the time of these experiences feels short, but in truth, you are spending many, many moments in the 5th dimension.


When you laugh, how wonderful you feel!  This is an interdimensional experience.  You slip in and out, back and forth, where humor is a 5th dimensional way of being.


Your senses are changing.  You, the human masterpiece are becoming an interdimensional masterpiece, a work in progress; a work of Divine art!  Is your sacred journey not completely and divinely amazing!!


Parts of your 3rd dimensional being have ascended and parts are in the process of ascending.  Your emotions have lightened up and those facets have ascended.  Your physical follows your thoughts and feelings. Your physical feels every bump, every pothole, every hiccup.  And this is infallible proof that you are rapidly changing beings.


Allow your thoughts and emotions to be uplifting and positive.  Allow your physical ease and comfort, for you have earned it, precious ones.


Riding the ascension rails means full steam ahead.  The burner is fully stoked to make your journey a pace that you are able to handle. 

Enjoy the scenery along the way. 

Enjoy the stops, stretch your legs and see whom Spirit may bring into your presence along the way. 

Take time to develop the pace that works best for you and brings ease as your physical integrates all that is sprouting from within and without. 


Toot your whistle along the way in celebration of who you have become. 

Toot your whistle again in celebration of who you are becoming. 


And along the way, take notice of who is riding along with you.  As you journey, you see that the number of passengers riding the ascension rails grows in numbers and strength.


The Unity of your numbers does not go unnoticed; on the contrary; we celebrate your Unity, we celebrate your faith and your intent.


As you see Earth from afar, you will see a number in the millions as connecting points of Light. 

Know that you are the network of Lights around the planet. 

You have created a grid of Light that connects all like minded souls on their journey. 

You have manifested a grid of Light (workers). 

This grid assists humanity to change and grow. 

This grid assists Mother Earth to change and grow.


Enjoy your journey for it is a spectacular one! 

Trust the process. 

 Receive and express the joy of life that you are.


Follow your Spirit without hesitation!



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  1. Kerrie Brown Says:

    Thank you I feel I have one foot in 3rd dimension and one in 5th and the above symptoms are spot on. I find I am very sensitive to energies they affect me a lot and some energies, I can’t have in me anymore, this makes me feel somewhat separate from others, it will be good when more awaken to the love and the light that they are,I won’t feel so home sick, as at times I can feel my kin close and my heart cries out for them. Love,light and gratitude Kerrie

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