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Message # 80




Received through Zilanthrah

December 17, 2009


Greetings dear Amiable Contacts.

How commendable our Amiable Contact Project! 

We are overjoyed to play our part in landing and greeting our dear Earthly brethren. 

You may identify me as Elway.


I am one from a thriving 5th dimensional planet in your system.  We are members of the Galactic Federation.  Our intent is based on the Love of Creator.  We honor our commitment to serve with deep reverence. 


You cannot imagine the joy that we experience regarding Amiable Contact, when we will be able to land freely and greet our brethren without hindrance, with open hearts on our side and on your side. 


After First Contact, there will be no more division or separation of sides, for when we are accepted by all of humanity, there will be turnover of attitude that not only includes all of humanity as a brotherhood but others like us from other planets and galaxies.  This will indeed be an historic moment of acknowledgement and realization for humans. 


Can you imagine how this revelation among humans will encourage their individual evolution! 

When they learn, truly learn, that they have big brothers and sisters and extended family that they can trust, they will learn to trust their brotherhood of humanity. 


In the way of things, it might be truly perfect to learn to trust and respect the brotherhood of humanity firstly than to accept our intent first, however it does not matter in the long run.  This will come.  And events may occur beforehand to turn humanity to the reality that you are indeed one family. 


Events are occurring presently for humanity where the old dredges of the past are being swept away.  No more sweeping under the carpet, as your saying goes.  All is above board for our dear workers of Light.  And as you have noticed, if it is not a hundred percent above board, it comes to the surface. 


You are handling your progression beautifully. 

Once again, you are surpassing the original prophecies in your evolution.


We honor you so and this is one reason for our participation in Amiable Contact.  

We wish to meet face to face, heart to heart with you. 

We wish to be with you in person, for you are truly wonders to us!


We are also of some of your lineage, those who are aware will feel and know this within their hearts.  If you are drawn to us, intend that we land to meet you and it will be so.  It is that simple.  We know who you are and are aware of your thoughts of serving within Amiable Contact.


When you are able to view your night sky, or even view one sparkling celestial body, please know that you are acknowledged.  Feel within yourselves the Love that is beamed to you. 


There are many ships that surround your planet and shuttles as well who are handling various jobs which involve beaming, directing and pulsing of energies.  These energies vary depending on the location of Earth. 


Some focus to assist Earth in her rebalancing.  Many work to stabilize her wobble, which is part of her evolution, it is necessary that it occur, for in the normal spin of Earth, the wobble contains the energy of angles and degrees, which you know as sacred geometry.


This is what our group’s focus at this time involves.  Our scientists, among others from various civilizations, have been studying Earth for hundreds of years, some for thousands, some for longer. 


To make it easier, please view us as many midwives assisting your Mother Earth.  Each of us carries a specific responsibility, please see us as specialized midwives. 


One group focuses on telemetry, another on the effects of areas of Earth due to the wobble.  Others protect these areas from any effects.  The wobble has been ongoing for some time and has increased of late, however it is beginning to become gentler and more stabilized.  This has changed Earth’s pulse to become more balanced. 


There is a way for the Mother to go still however, do you see how protected you are? 


The Mother loves you dearly and works with us to ensure that no harm comes to any of her beloved creatures. 


You can understand the need for so many motherships surrounding your Earth, as each has a focused mission.  At times our shuttles come close to you, at times you see holograms, which have the same effect on your biology and emotions.  Know that it is all part of the Divine Plan and all carried out in Love.


We are scientists, we are those who invoke from within, we are geologists, we are mathematicians, we are volcanologists.  Our consciousness of Love is part of who we are.


When we carry out any mission, it is done with our knowledge combined with our consciousness of Love.  We work in conjunction with all others toward the ascension as One.


We hold you, our beloved galactic brethren in the highest esteem.  We hold the Mother, Earth, our beloved galactic sister in the highest esteem.




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