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Message # 79




Received through Zilanthrah

December 10, 2009



Hi dee ho – hi dee hi – would you like a lullaby?

We are the Nature Spirits; the Fairy Kingdom.


We exist here and simultaneously in the 5th dimension.  We are in the branches of the conifers, we are in the snuggly bird’s nests, we hang around the down of the thistles and we are under the mushroom caps.  We play with the frogs in the ponds, yet you cannot see us.


However, you are able to see us by using your higher senses, specifically your sight.  All that is required is to intend that you will see us by simply raising your frequency to ours. 


We are ancient and have been in existence here for millennia.  In old times, you were able to see us.  We interacted with all life forms here. 


There came a time when we pulled away, we were unable to remain in a harsh environment where humans ceased to believe in the magical kingdoms who dwelt side by side with them.  And the time is dawning when you will once again see us and we will participate in many glorious things. 


There are some of you who are of our Kingdom and you will become aware of this very soon.


We are everywhere and yes, we are in your cold seasons, yet the cold nor any temperature affects us.  We create our environment as we wish and our environment is completely natural here. 


We love your woods, your flowers, your grass, your pines cones and acorns, your vines, your rivers, your lakes, your mountains.  And your mole hills!  We are everywhere and we utilize all that is in your nature to blend with our environment, which is a most beautiful and comfortable one.


We are part of the balance of Nature.  We work in liason with Earth and with the Elementals to ground Earth and also to bring the energies of Nature to urban areas where there is imbalance of human with Nature.


In urban areas we dwell to provide areas with the energy that lacks.  We spread and share our energies of the Divine with all on Earth.  It is a balancing act for us and we take great pleasure in participating.


We exist there as butterflies, we fly with the birds, we swim with the waterfowl, we appear as the dragonfly.  Our nature is Love and Joy, our energy is of the Light.  We are happy to do what we do as it brings us great Joy to serve in this manner.


We are a twinkle of the eye, the smile on a baby’s face, the wagging of the doggies, the skip of a heartbeat and the lilt in a step.


We are with those who are homeless and in the dingy alleyways; in the parks and in the gardens.


We stabilize.  We assist Mother Nature to assist human nature.  We are part of the great circle of life, both here and in the 5th dimension.


We spread our good cheer.  We greet all with the joy of the butterfly.  We play with the magpie and with the vulture.


Nature Spirits particularly love to gather together in woods where it is quiet from the noises of daily living. 


Here we hold our gatherings where all the Nature Spirits mingle with one another.  We discuss the affairs and the state of hu-man in their journey home.  We report on the state of affairs in our particular regions that we care for. 


We converse with the wildlife, the birds and the bees and the crawlers and the wigglers.  We have great fun with one another.


When council business has been completed, then it is time for celebration. Just as we begin our meetings with fanfare, we conclude in the same way. 


From our seats on mossy mounds, we sing, we dance and we make merry.  We play games.  The young ones most times are very exuberant and enthusiastic.  We are a very merry bunch.  So are all nature spirits.


We particularly enjoy when porcupines visit us in the trees, for porcupines have the greatest sense of humor and love to share it with us.


The badger, on the other hand, is growing impatient and would like to enter our dimension where the ground is infinite for him to dig his den.  He is beside himself when his territory becomes inhabited by hu-man and he knows that it is time once again for him to move. This has affected his sense of humor but he continues to love the hu-man.


There will be oodles of us to see when the time is ready.  Be prepared to sing many happy melodies of celebration alongside our merry bands.


Hi dee ho and away we go

Off to the berry patch and over the snow!


The birds are a singing as we gather some seeds

Tisket  tasket and into a basket made from lavender water reeds



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