Jan 01

Message # 78


A joint Message from… 


 Pleiadian Engineers, 

and He Who Comes



Engineers Invited to Learn of

of New Transportation Devices



Received through Helen Engel

November 26, 2009







You will be pleased to know that arrangements are progressing regarding a meeting on transportation devices to be made available to Amiable Contacts and others when we land. 


A certain portion of our endeavors will be to bring new technology to earth.  Since transportation is vital, we will spend considerable time on this topic. 


Engineers on Earth will be anxious to know the basis of designing craft that will move slowly, about 200 feet to 400 feet above the ground.   They will move silently, except for a quiet hum of the motor.  Would you like to be a part of this endeavor?


H:  If you think that I am the best person for the job.


M:  Actually we do not know of anyone else.  Telepathy on Earth is not moving as rapidly as we had intended.  There are several reasons for that, including earthly duties, fear, lack of interest, and insufficient comprehension of the tremendous gifts of knowledge that we have to share. 


If you are willing, we will ask you to attend a preparatory meeting at which some of our engineers will clarify whatever you can absorb of the workings of our motor.


H:  Would (name), who has recently joined our group, be a suitable assist?


M: We will consider him.


H:  When will the meeting be held?


M:  If it is suitable for you, either December .. or December ..


H:  I shall be ready, willing, and hopefully able.


M:  It is acceptable to share this news with the Amiable Contacts.  It will surely give them hope.  It may also attract engineers to join your group.


 H: Thank you.



Engineer on Pleiades



We are engineers on Pleiades.  If you wish, we can provide some simple lessons to you between now and the day of the meeting.


H:  I would appreciate that very much


Engineer:  We will be prepared to spend a full day with you [in preparation], if you will choose a day of your choice.


H:   I will choose ….  


Engineer:    It is reserved.  If you do locate an engineer, you might invite him to attend the meeting with you, or at least read the transcript of the meeting.


H:  Yes I shall.


Engineer:  We will ask Thoth to attend, because he is able to communicate with you very well.


H:  I will appreciate that.


Engineer:  An electrical engineer would also be suitable to attend.


H:  Thank you, I shall consider that.


Engineer:  If any of the Amiable Contact members who read this transcript are interested in this project, you might invite them to contact you.


We will be very diligent in sharing knowledge with all Earthlings who are interested.   Each will be screened to verify that his intentions are for the good of mankind, rather than of greed.



Second Visitor



I shall not tell you my name in case it will ground you.  I wish to advise that several Amiable Contact scouts on the ground will be taken for a ride on the hover transporter, and if possible they could be photographed and shown on YouTube.


[The above was probably Captain Helena of Starship Capricorn.]






That is all on this topic.  We thank you for your patience and for your impeccable integrity.


H:  Thank you. 




       from One Who Comes  [Second Coming]


 You are blessed on this day.


 Be at peace and in joy.


 All of the messages that you have received are worthy and correct.



 I am One Who Comes



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