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Message # 77




Received through Zilanthrah

November 20, 2009



Good day to all…

I am Helena of the Starship Capricorn.


We greet Amiable Contacts and we welcome all who have recently joined as well as those who have displayed interest in our project.  We also welcome those who have thoughts of surreptitiously joining.


I speak for all from the 5th dimension who honor you for your choice.  We are indeed honored to work with you.


Many of you are related to us.  Some of us have the same ancestry as you; some of you carry our DNA.  Some of you carry genetics of more than one of our civilizations.  So you see, when we arrive at your landing sites, we will be family reuniting.


The Amiable Contact Project is being recorded in our history books.  There are many in the Galactic Federation who are scribes and they record for us.  On Pleiades at the Melchizedek University, there are professors whose job it is to record as well as to update.  Record keepers delight at news and are eager to learn more about all Amiable Contacts.


You might say that a family tree is being recorded, maintained and updated regularly.  Each home world and each planetary system in this universe have such recorders.  At this time of important change on your planet, all recorders are busy, as all that occurs on earth is of the greatest of interest to all civilizations and to all who dwell on all Motherships.


There will be records available on earth as to how our Amiable Contact Project began, how it evolved and how the astounding Amiable Contact occurred.


There are spaces allocated in many great halls of learning for the photos of our various civilizations uniting with our human brothers.  This event, along with all stages of the human evolutionary journey will be studied in times to come.


Humans are beautiful beings.  As more awaken, the light quotient on your planet rises.  We are able to observe this as it occurs.


We have relayed to those who diligently work with Amiable Contact that we follow protocol. 


Our project is designed in the way that we have a group specifically working on Amiable Contact.  Suggestions and ideas are presented and relayed to our human counterparts.  We work in tandem. 


Here, applications by ETs who wish to participate are reviewed, their records and their talents to match them with a human counterpart are reviewed, decisions on who lands where are made.  Records are kept.  It is important for various reasons to keep data bases, records and even dates.  Communicating with one another is important and occurs regularly with daily updates.  When matters of great importance are raised, meetings are called.


When groups meet for discussion in our realm, all are acknowledged for their presence.  Proceedings are recorded.  Our process is not as yours is, however, there are formalities and protocol followed.  We do this with utmost respect and humility.


And in the high dimension, there is the Great Hall of Records.  You have heard of this place; it is called by many names on earth.  The grandest Master there allows these files to be accessed with approval from a higher aspect of yourself.


So you see, there are records and recorders on every level of existence; in every dimension.  Every bit of this process is sacred, just as all life is sacred and precious.


We know full well who each of you are.  Know that everything that you do is for a higher reason and that when you choose Amiable Contact, every step for you is about your evolution.  It is part of your learning process. 


Most importantly, know that you are individually and collectively co creating our landing and our greeting each other.  And that we are co creating with you.


A network of like minded humans has spread across the planet; this affects all of humanity and the earth energetically. Is this not an admirable project in so many ways!


You see, your experience within this project is more than just about Amiable Contact.  There are opportunities to evolve for each participant, as we have relayed to you in past.


Some of you are aware of how groups will function in the future.  All groups and communities will be different than they are now in their functioning.  Divine guidance will be provided for groups who carry pure intent.  Group thought will be guided.  Your efforts will be guided.  Your actions will be guided.


This group who works diligently on Amiable Contact are devoted.  This groups’ focus is the same, the intention for Amiable Contact is the same.  All are working toward the same outcome.  All are being guided; your thoughts, your efforts and your actions.


So there you have it.  You are indeed practicing the manner of group function in the new era.  When functioning for the greater good, the collective is without ego, without doubt and without fear.  Divine discernment occurs, the willingness to serve is complete.  There are no expectations of one another among members, all operate from the heart.  Truth abounds, freedom of expression.  Humor is natural.  Mutual respect reigns.


This may help you to understand more fully another reason why Amiable Contact is important.


You are also learning that a group nor an individual need not overdo or become overwhelmed.  Our advice is to go with the flow, but always with ease.  When you no longer feel easy, it is time to slow and to rest.  This project is not designed to be difficult.  It is designed to be amiable in all aspects.  It is designed from the heart and created by beings who are based solely on Love. It cannot be any other way.


Those stepping forward into Amiable Contact are indeed special ones whom we have been energetically prompting.


We enjoy offering guidance and insight, for as we see you grow, it brings us Joy.


The common thread that holds and bonds us is the intention of Amiable Contact.  We come to promote Unity of various civilizations and we honor our human brothers and sisters for your courage, strength and faith. 


We have much to share.  We serve Source by serving you through this Great Plan and all are transforming and expanding in their evolutionary process.

Please feel free to direct questions our way. 

We are always pleased to communicate with you.



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