Nov 22

Captain Helena   Q & A


Through Zilanthrah   


Helena:  I greet you, Zilanthrah.  I am prepared to answer your questions.  Please begin.


Z:  Thank you, Captain Helena.  Can you please speak about landing gear and if there is anything that we need to know about it?


H:  I would be pleased to let you know that our landing gear that is part of our craft operates consciously with the craft.  They are one and the same. 


Our landing gear is of a consciousness that it is aware when it requires to operate.  When the time is appropriate , it becomes operational. 


There is no need to be concerned about this.  You will see it when we land.  You will see things that will uplift, amaze and excite you.


Z:  Thank you kindly.  Can you advise us on our constructing a circular landing pad for each site?


H:  Yes, there seems to be pondering regarding the building of landing sites.  At present, we wish you to know that this is not truly necessary. 


 What is necessary, however, is that your chosen landing sites be flat.


This assists our craft to land in balance.  Honestly, we prefer a natural area to land on.  Grass or plain firm ground is appropriate.  Even sand will work, as long as it is not too deep. 


Our craft are light.  Our craft are aware and consciousness of their surrounding environment.  Our craft are excited about participating in this historical event.  You might say that our family of craft have bonded together in anticipation of this new experience.


Be aware that this experience is an evolutionary step for our shuttles. 


Is this something anyone has thought about?  I think perhaps not, it is an interesting tidbit of information for you to ponder. 


In future, ports will be constructed to accommodate different craft.  At the appropriate time, there will be transmissions regarding how this might be done.  There will be areas on the planet that will accommodate different kinds of craft that are designed for different purposes. 


Some will carry beings, some will transport technology. 


These craft vary in size, therefore more space will be required.  There will be earth shuttles to carry individuals, groups, instruments and tools to and from various venues where events will be set up for various learning experiences. Next question, please.


Z:  Can you clarify the size of individual landing pads, please?


H:  The figure that I transmitted to Zoltair will suffice.  It is better to have extra space than not enough space and this is the case. 


Be aware of the possibility that there may be more beings in one craft than another and this is for specific purposes. 


We wish you to know that plans are already decided as to who will land where.  This is a specific, meaning that beings well versed in a certain field have been designated or have volunteered to meet with those humans who are of the same abilities or might volunteer to learn. 


In this way, this will begin the work that each of you have been selected for or have volunteered unconsciously for, at this point.  Our meeting and greeting one another carries much more oomph! when landing to say hello to you and to the world. 


The many aspects or layers of Amiable Contact have been carefully researched, analyzed, decided upon and confirmed.  Amiable Contact will be the beginning of a carefully structured and planned future. 


Of course, this is not to say that things cannot be changed at any time, as which is most likely the case, but these would be considered last minute changes.  This is nothing that you need concern yourselves with. 


We are ever growing, ever changing in our decisions as to what best suits this momentous occasion.  It is our plan to get as much out of it, for you and for us. 

As a collective, we will pack a lot of power! 


So, in answer to this question, an area of 7850 sq ft will suffice and give plenty of room surrounding our craft for movement.  Was it not something the way I gave Zoltair these figures?  We were aware of your converting square feet to radius and diameter.  We enjoy giving your minds a work out. 

And we enjoy humor immensely.  

What is your next question?


Z:  Will you please clarify your information about the Merkabah surrounding our landing sites.  What is its purpose for yourselves and for us?  Please describe the process of your craft coming to Earth.


H:  I am happy to do so, in fact, it is necessary that you understand this as well as you can.  This will relieve concerns and bring more ease for all.


We are able to, and our craft are able to create different energy fields.  This creation we use for different purposes.  Space travel is the main purpose.  We create a specific energy for leaving one dimension and entering into another. 


It is not something new to us, it has existed in the higher dimensions always.  We create it with thought.  There is a specific being who does this.  He is a spaceflight engineer and it is his job.  All of us are able to do this when we need to, but each being here has a specific job.


It is done consciously between the engineer and the craft, they work together in unison. 

 They are quite the team! 


To travel from our dimension to yours, an energy is created that allows the craft to gear down, so to speak. 


It is possible for one of our craft to retain the higher perspective and vibration while slowing down and shifting into a denser form, although it is not something we do on a regular basis. 


Know that we also have ways to remain 5th dimensional, yet appear as density.  We have choices, there is not one specific way that this is done.  By activating the Merkabah around us, we are able to shift into another form.  The energy of the Merkabah activates something in us that enables this process without doing any harm to our energy. 


It is almost like putting on a magic cloak that is designed specifically for the process of protecting or allowing us to remain truly as we are while we shift into a reality that makes us look different.  We still carry our original energies and attributes while appearing human or close to human.


We advise every Amiable Contact to spend time at their landing site. 


Activate a sphere of light around your site in the way that works best for you and that you practice the most.  Once you do this, you no longer require to do it again. 


We are aware of when you will do this and we will assist, infusing our energies with yours to build a safe area.  Have it in your intention as you prepare to do this and we will be made aware. 


Remember that we are aware of these kinds of things that you do on an ongoing basis.


This area, once activated, holds the space of an energy that will allow us to enter that space. 


It will be as the cloak I mentioned earlier.  There is no harm in entering it, as a matter of fact, it will be an advantage to your well being that you spend time in it. 


When your intuition tells you that it is time to leave, follow your intuition.  The energies are elevated and a space is created for our craft and ourselves.  We will be able to tweak the energy into what we require. 


This is your job and we ask you to do this with gratitude and humility.  We will do our part with the same.


The word Merkabah is different than what we use to describe our process of changing dimensions, yet it is a good description.  It is all about angles and degrees, it is sacred geometry.  We merely think the numbers or the formula and it is done.


You could say that our craft is our Merkabah.  Does this make it easier to comprehend?


Z:  It surely does, thank you.


H:  I have explained the purpose of the Merkabah for us and for you.  Is this sufficient? 


Z:  It is for me.  There may be more questions later.


H:  That is fine.  You may ask at any time.  That is why we are here, to work together on Amiable Contact.


I will describe the process of our coming to Earth simply.  In future, you will learn and understand more about how this works.  It is all thought, my dear ones.  Yes, those powerful thoughts that Creator bestowed upon all sentient beings! 


Our intention is the same, we know that we are about to enter your dimension for Amiable Contact.  We are prepared, everyone has been briefed.  There will really be no need for briefing, as everyone is up on what is happening on a moment to moment basis. 


However, it is protocol that we will follow.  When the time is right, all craft will work in harmony simultaneously.  All distances and times have already been taken into consideration and allowed for.  The word is given that it is time to leave our dimension and enter yours. 


This is really not the correct description, as all dimensions exist simultaneously.  It is only that we are of a higher vibration.  I will give an order to our crew to stand by.  I will give the order to prepare for the shift into the 3rd dimension. 


We have our cloaks on that we activate with our thoughts.  This cloak allows us to shift into a form that will appear dense to you when we step out of our craft.  We have done all we can so that your experience will not be too far out of reach to comprehend. 


Our craft cooperates simultaneously with my thoughts, the engineers and others thoughts.  Basically, you will see a descending shiny looking craft.  Each craft bears an insignia where you will see the name of the craft.  The craft will be silent. 


The craft will emit an energy and we ask you to stand back at first.  When the door opens and we step out, we will beckon you to come close.  And the rest is history.  The mechanics of how we come to your dimension will suffice for now. 


You will be in a bit of a different state, how can you help it when such a magnificent event is before you? 


Do not worry, our energy will be a calming one for all involved. 


Remember that we have a great multitude of technologies at hand and that our energies consist of Love and Light.  Of this you can be sure. 


Indeed, our directive is one of Peace and Brotherhood. 


I can tell you that the waiting list of those who volunteered for this occasion was lengthy and those chosen leap with excitement.  Even their families are exuberant about this upcoming mission.  We are not unlike you in some ways.  Do you have more questions?


Z:  Yes, thank you, Helena for your wonderful transmission.


Can you please clarify for us regarding our individual perspectives on how Amiable Landings might look for us, in other words, must we all visualize the same experience?


H:  What I just transmitted to you seems to be the collective perspective, from our point of view.  You know how your varying thoughts create your varying realities, correct?  As I said, you can visualize our landing on the head of a pin if you like. 


I wish you to know that the majority of Amiable Contacts see the perspective that I described.  And for a first Amiable Landing, this will serve all well.  We wish it to be as easy and worry free as possible.  So it will happen simply and worry free. 


The excitement might be all that some of you can handle!  Do not worry, it will be a calm and loving experience for all involved. 


If your individual perspectives vary, that is how Amiable Contact will occur for you.  Keep in mind to see it happening with the greatest of ease and comfort and we will all do just fine.


Z:  I have one more question, Helena.


H: Fire away, dear girl.


Z:  Will we see you as third dimensional beings?


H:  It seems as though this question is an ongoing one, and so it should be.  Because this is a first, all questions are acknowledged and all questions are intelligent ones.  We appreciate each and every one. 


Yes, you will see us as you see one another. 


Some might see something different about us, for instance, someone might see a glow about someone, or see a skin color as being somewhat different from yours.  We will try to get it just right and appear as human as we can. 


Be advised that in some cases, depending on the host of the landing site, they might see someone somewhat unlike a human.


Remember that we Amiable Contacts from our side are usually not human appearing.  Someone’s ears may be a little on the Vulcan appearing side. 


This can be part of your individual perspective, so you can work on manifesting a being that you would like to see.  If we are definitely aware that it will not scare the pants off you, we may accommodate you.


There will be a group with each craft whom you will not see, unless you have the gift of clairsentience. 


If you are able to see when you are in a higher state what surrounds you, you may have a chance to see those Celestials who will accompany us.  It depends on how much you are able to handle and more importantly, if it is appropriate for you.


Their presence will alter the energy in the environment forever more. 


The energy that they will carry will be transferred to your environment and from there will spread and be carried world wide. It is a way to up the consciousness and vibration of the planet and the human being. 


Who knows, you may be surprised at a face that you might see peering out at you from a port on a craft.  We are as curious about you as you are about us. 


This coming Amiable Contact will be one of the most monumental experiences and events to ever take place.


 You are moving along with your preparations well.  Our website expert has relayed to me that it is looking good.  Please keep at it so that you will be prepared for newcomers who will be coming on board with the Amiable Contact project. 


You have the blessings of all of the commanders of all the craft who will come to greet you, all the Motherships and the blessings of Creator.


Is this not a fun project for you all?  For those who are working tirelessly, there will be rewards.  Please, all who read my transmission, it will be more than worth your while to assist the small group with our Amiable Contact Project.  You will learn much and the experience will be a gift that lasts forever.


I am Captain Helena of the Starship Capricorn.

I bid you a fond farewell and I take my leave.  I thank you for your admirable questions.  I hope that my answers help to further you along.


Z:  Most definitely, Cpt Helena.  I think this information is awesome.  Thank you very much.

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  1. Taliba Foster Says:

    This was very informative, and i am so excited and humble to be apart of this team!!

    Love of Light, peace, and blessings


  2. Anita Says:

    Thank you Zilanthrah & Cpt. Helena

    Yours words means so much to me. I am so anxious to meet and see you! WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!


    Raje bi izvedela tvoje ime. Hvala ti za ta sajt,dala ga bom med priljubljene.

    Lep pozdrav – Anita 😉

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