Nov 22

Message # 75


Message from Alf on Pleiades


“We Are Almost at Your Doorsteps”


Received through Helen Engel

November 07, 2009


Unknown:  There is little time left.  The horseman is almost upon his prey.  We of the Galactic Federation are at the ready.  Our horsemen are here, awaiting the signal.


Many of the Senior Light Workers will be called upon, as we come nearer and nearer to Earth.  As you are aware, we have sent our shuttles, and they can be seen daily. 


This is merely a glimpse of what you will behold in the very near future.


Will you be able to persuade your neighbors that we come in peace?  Will some governments, still hopeful that they can hide us from the world, attempt nefarious acts to distract the common people? 


It will be their aim to spread disinformation, to send their own shuttles into the skies, to even frighten scouts and heralders.


Do not believe anyone except your Higher Self.  You know that we are almost at your doorsteps.  Prepare yourself for a most magnificent sight, a fleet of love, joy, bringing comfort, knowledge, healing, spiritual freedom.


Join the thousands who are already celebrating our coming, for it will not be long.


I am Alf at Pleiades.  Our love for all of Earth’s citizens is very great.


Please, those who are telepathic, open your receptors, so that we may send more messages to every country on Earth, and in every language that is spoken on Earth.


Hallelujah, hallelujah, sing praises.

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  1. Taki Chino Says:

    I am pleased to have found this web site.Awaiting your landing,and happy ascension.

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