Nov 15

Message # 74




Received through Zilanthrah

November 05, 2009



Greetings in the Light.  I am Therah of Pleiades.


I am involved with Amiable Contact and I bring insight.  You were provided with a date during your sleep for a reason, Zilanthrah.  Although we decline to offer dates and times, we wish you to know that your time of the end of this month of November or the beginning of your next month of December is seen as a time of newness. 


An event might occur that from our perspective heralds the key log for planet Earth.  If all goes to schedule and the ongoing process reaches the specific energetic point, the beginnings of the New Era will indeed have begun.  We are so very near this point at present.  It would take something of huge proportion to waylay the event.


We are all at the ready.  We are aware that you are at the ready.  From your perspective, this is viewed as an understatement.  We feel that when the log jam explodes and a free flow is created, you will very quickly view everything that has transpired to this point with humor.  You will regard all that has transpired with Joy. 


Joy will become your new outlook on existence.


The new Amiable Contacts will let you know the seriousness of their interest.  It is time to begin to consider delegating to others who show serious interest.  You may ask us about certain folks if necessary, we are more than happy to assist in this manner.  If you are unable to get a “feel,” please request insight and we will provide information for you. 


We observe that interest has begun and are aware that this is just the beginning of the flow of those who are guided to participate.


For the majority, this is part of their contract, this is a reason why they are incarnated at this time.  So you see, these ones who are serious are the ones being guided your way.  There are some interested who are not yet ready to take the leap, however this can all change at any time.  Know that we are assisting by directing just the right folk your way.  And trust your intuition and discernment, for you are well developed in both.


You may wish to assist those who are interested in developing their own websites throughout all countries of Earth.  In their own way, they will be guided by us in the 5th dimension.  Many will awaken to latent skills and will experience great Joy in participating. 


Is this not a truly magnificent way to co create together your vision of Amiable Contact?


Know that this leg of your journey of co creating such an important event world-wide adds largely to the co creation of Heaven on Earth.  The actual physical event of our arrivals at your landing sites is an actual and real merging of the 3rd and the 5th dimension, for there will be truly 5th dimensional energies within your realities. 


Amiable Contact is heralded as one of the most auspicious events in the history of the ascension of Earth and humankind.


It is a profound mission that you are partaking in and we laud you.


We suggest that those in countries who speak their indigenous language may be those of most interest as far as heading up their own Amiable Contact group.  Many of them carry leadership skills and are well developed spiritually. 


There are children with higher capabilities who might become involved if encouraged to do so.  Some of these children’s parents are interested in Amiable Contact.  Every new human who shows interest does so for a higher reason. 


Their individual reasons are each unique for themselves and if they pursue, they will receive rewards of the discovery of Self.  Innate abilities will bloom within them.  The possibilities are indeed endless! 


So you see, there is much more involved in participating with Amiable Contact.  We of the 5th dimension joyously experience the ways of human beings through the Project.


Advertising through a media shall undoubtedly create a landslide of interest, however, know that there might be a very large number of disbelievers whose wrath you shall have to deal with.  It is entirely your choice and your intention. 


Know that the creation of advertising, the creator of advertising as well as those participating must have the highest of intention.  The energy of their intent is imprinted into their thoughts, words and actions.  So it must be performed with the greatest of humility and intent, without ego, but with Love.


You might also consider publications and newsletters of a spiritual nature with free advertising.  There are UFO networks and websites which are true believers of loving space brethren and there are also those ones whose belief is in third dimensional kinds of UFOs.


Consider yourselves as cutting new paths for many, many others.  Your faith, your encouragement and your support energetically changes these newcomers on a level that is amazing. And it will only get better.


We of the Pleiades System are gearing up.  There will be many of us and many of our small landing craft participating in Amiable Contact.  As the number of earthly Amiable Contacts grows, so our number of participants grows.  It is only logical. 


Others from other systems who will be participating will grow in number as well.  The Lyrans and the Vegans for example resemble human and will be participating as well.


With your intention and your focus, you shall not go wrong.  We commend all that you have done and we thank you for your faith and for the time that you are each one contributing.


Remember to keep it simple, work and play with Ease and take the time to relax and have fun.


You are human after all, and being human is all about experiencing the joys of life.  It is yours rightfully, you can be sure of this.  It is your divine birthright.  There will be much more play and fun to come, for we will celebrate together. 


Amiable Contact will be a celebration like you have not experienced in this incarnation. There will not only be celebration on Mother Earth, but throughout the cosmos.


I am a pilot and I will be participating in Amiable Contact with my craft, the Indigo. 

I look forward with the greatest of Joy to our co creative project.


I am Therah and I leave you with the Truth of my word.

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3 Responses to “Message # 74, from Therah, Nov 05, 2009”

  1. Bobbie Says:

    I have been recently telepathically connecting to Athara of Pleiadies, and have been given the same message through dreams that though there may be a fraud UFO contact given by the government to manipulate the situation, a mass sighting will be shown.
    I have a feeling at this point that they are looking at Xmas day or there about.
    I know that with the energy we hold and trust within our higher self the truth will win out.

  2. Kerrie Says:

    I am glad you feel Christmas is a posibility, I am feeling that also, we did a visualiseation on Good friday as was requested by the Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild,and on Christmas Day our vibes will be all up.

  3. Ana Scarlett Says:


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