Nov 15


Message # 73




Received through Zoltair

November 4th, 2009


When you connect with us, it is not important that you call out a name as much as it is an energetic frequency sent out by you and received by us.

  We are as One with all Light Beings and all Light Workers.


Amiable Contact shall be unbelievable, huge and profound and will affect many millions of people as it balances and achieves its ultimate goal.

It is the premier pathway being cut at this time by Light Workers on Earth.


It is not as new a thought as you may think it is, it has been building and growing in the minds of many.  We have in fact, created a center for all Light Workers of similar consciousness to reach out to others from. 


It is not solely confined to the Earth reality, it is now being experienced in other realities on other planets in other galaxies and other universes.


There are those who have read the Welcome Letter and had a powerful …

“Aha, this is what I have been waiting for!”



It has begun and it is powerful.

We are extremely proud of your efforts.

We thank you for all that you do.


  We wish you to know that We are One.


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One Response to “Message # 73, from Hilarion, Nov 04, 2009”

  1. Kerrie Brown Says:

    Fantastic! this is what I wanted to hear after over a year of working with The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild and feeling that it is not happening fast enough, I have been guided here with the thought ‘pulsa’ in my head and I am so glad! Love,light and joy!

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