Nov 14

Message # 71


The Arcturians  –  We are Ready


Received through Zilanthrah                                                                                                         October 15th, 2009


Ah yes, we wish to speak today to all who will read these words.  We are a group that you know as the Arcturians.  We wish to let you know that the time is drawing nigh for changes that you have been hoping and praying for for many years.  The reality that you have been creating is about to burst forth.


What has been occurring over recent months is a gradual prelude to what is coming.  You, the Lightworkers recognize these changes for what they are. 


Those who are still enmeshed in the old systems unfortunately do not.  Do not lend energy to these ones.  Please continue to focus on co creating what you and we have begun together. 


Our participation together has been most effective and will continue to be so, in fact the momentum of our combined energies has intensified and will continue to do so. 


When the changes are obvious to the world, it will become calming for you.  Your physical will be more relaxed as you will finally have proof of the realization that Heaven is indeed within and around.


We ask that you please persevere, we ask that you allow yourselves to be more of who you really are.  In doing so, you will manifest more quickly your own truth. 


We suggest that you speak the truth, whether it be in a line up, on the phone or wherever.  After all, what have you got to lose at this point? 


Consider this kind of behavior as being the key log.  It is the time to give that log a little push.  Consider this act as having fun with yourself.  And how wonderful it will feel for you to speak your truth; an empowering act for yourself and for your fellow humans. Be bold!


We are poised and ready.  We are like the hawk perched on the edge, in the stance of taking flight and diving in, although it is more like the Dove carrying the branch of peace.  We are ready to deliver it.


Behind the scenes, all is changing.  As you know, it must be gradual.  On your media screens, it appears gradual, but behind the scenes, there is much more happening than is being shared with you.  There are etheric treaties signed, there are Universal Laws being reviewed and honored.  There are constitutions reviewed and signed.


There will come events to prepare you even more and the events will also prepare others who are not up on the scope of things as you are. 


We come to reassure and reaffirm that the beginning of the New Era of Conscious is indeed nigh.


Yes, it is time for sighs of relief and for celebration within your hearts and minds.  Your Souls rejoice when you rejoice.  We rejoice when you rejoice.


 And the Creator of All rejoices in the Love and the Light that you are.



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One Response to “Message # 71, from The Arcturians, Oct 15, 2009”

  1. Kerrie Brown Says:

    Thank you my friend this is a beautiful message and I am in total agreeance, it is time to speak up,I have been doing so for a year now and it feels good,this is good Zilanthrah from The Federation through Blossom on the 7th Jan. it wont be long now.Love and light to you Kerrie

    I am but your messenger. It is not my place to interfere. So when you say things like you just have, are we to assume that these wonders are to take place this year?

    Dearest and most TRUSTING souls of earth. Can you honestly say that you do not know of this? Can you not feel your hearts beating faster with every new dawn? We have spoken to you of rising up within your beings and coming into a new understanding of yourselves. Whilst we have been silent with this communication, you must surely be aware of the new place within yourselves that is serving you now? Quieten your minds for one moment and inquire as to your hearts knowing at this stage in your progression. If you KNOW of yourselves … there will be in this silence the answers of all your inquiries … just by the FEELING of KNOWING that we are on our way. AT LAST!

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