Nov 14

Message # 70


Methuselah: Extraordinary Times


Received through Zilanthrah                                                                                                             October 11, 2009                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Greetings, beloved ones.  We come on the silver wings of the Dove. 


As you know, the Dove is a symbol of Peace.  Peace is a world wide desire; it has been countless millennia since Peace reigned for humankind. 


And is it not time again for Peace to reign!


Many of you carry peace within your heart.  And those who have awakened and continue to awaken on a daily basis long for peace for themselves, they wish for peace between them and their brother, their sister, their parents. 


When one turns from a state of no peace,  a state of peace occurs firstly within; for family, for friends and for neighbors.  This carries on to a longing for peace within the community, the country and then the world.


When one carries peace in their heart and lives it, peace is an energy that cannot be terminated; it can only grow and expand.  We say to you that the Peace that arose within you along your Journey has translated into a world of peace. 


And although it may not appear outwardly that there is indeed Peace in the world, know that this is not so. 


The energy of Peace, along with other energies of a Divine nature now encompass planet Earth. 


If it appears that this is not so, know that it is an illusion that will soon be over. 


An extraordinary energy has changed the planet and all sentient beings. 


This is leading to extraordinary events planet wide. 


You are aware of obvious changes that have been occurring since the time of the change in American politics.  Many still choose to complain about what is occurring.  These ones live in a reality where complaining rules, so it is natural for them. 


It appears that there still exists an energy that is attempting to dupe anyone who will listen.  This energy has waxed and it has waned. 


It no longer exists; turn away from it; it is an illusion.  The house of cards has fallen.  The foundation of their belief system has crumbled. Take no heed of any of it. 


Continue to follow your heart, for the Truth is within you and you recognize it.


We come to remind you that it is now the time to get your house in order, as it were.  Line your ducks up in a row, for when the extraordinary change is obvious, you will be thankful that you have prepared. 


Do not be concerned about your old plans.  Look forward; prepare and complete that which pertains to the New Era of Consciousness. 


Some of the old plans are out dated, of course these were a gift in the way that they assisted to prepare you; part of the learning process, as usual. 


And we see that you are well prepared to step forth to claim your Divine heritage and utilize your knowledge and wisdom in the extraordinary times to come.


In our realms, excitement abounds.  On all planets in this Universe, excitement abounds.  There are numerous life forms ready to take the step into their new level of existence. 


As Earth and humankind grow closer to Freedom, so do they grow closer to a new way of being.  All that you have strived for has assisted them to grow and expand.  For this, they are grateful.


We too are grateful for your faith.  We are grateful for your contributions to the expansion of the Human Family. 


What you have done has assisted the etheric realm in the way that we have been enabled for our own growth and expansion.  As it occurs moment to moment for you, it occurs moment to moment for us.


There soon comes the day when a celebration like no other will occur. 


We see it as not only a planetary celebration but a Cosmic Celebration.  Yes, there will be fireworks throughout the Cosmos in formal celebration of the New Era of Consciousness. 


 And you, my dear beloveds, have earned it.


There will be dancing.  There will be singing.  There will be music. 


There will be embracing.  There will be rejoicing. There will be tears of gratitude, tears of relief, tears of joy. 


And most of all, there will be Peace within all hearts and minds. 


There will be Peace within the heart of Mother Earth.  She holds you within her heart.  She holds gratitude for you.  She holds your faith, hopes and dreams of a world of Peace, Brotherhood and Abundance in all ways, for together you have co created the new Era. 


Together you have co created an unprecedented Unity.  The new Journey for all will be one of purity, clarity and vision. 


You know this in your hearts to be Truth.  Truth will become a natural way of life as will wisdom and beauty.  It will soon be time for you all to walk and talk your Truth, your Wisdom and your Beauty in a most extraordinary way.


And we walk with you.


I Am Methuselah. 


It is my honor and privilege to greet my beloveds and to express our gratitude. 

Onward and upward, dear ones. 

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