Nov 14

Message # 69




Received through Zilanthrah

September 16, 2009



Ah yes, dear one, and so it is time.  We appreciate and approve of your intuition regarding Divine Timing.  There is no rush; remember Ease.  Remember Grace, every one of you.


We commend the work that you have done.  We observe the building of your website and we acknowledge your drive and your belief in Amiable Contact and all things of the etheric realms. 


Is it not wondrous that there are folks like you who continue on, no matter how you are feeling or what your life circumstances may be. 


Please remember that there is no point nor any requirement that any of you feel or become overwhelmed, for this project has a life and a consciousness of its own. 


And remember that we are providing guidance and insight for you all.  This is indeed good training and good lessons learned in all aspects of your lives.  We acknowledge that you appreciate this.  And so it is.


When there are folks in your midst connected with Amiable Contact and your website who wish to disengage, know that it is alright for them to do so, as there are a variety of reasons for this.  Someone will be brought to you; which as you are already aware, does occur. 


Interested newcomers will begin to come forth slowly and it will not become overwhelming for any of you as we will continue to assist. 


Know that we have our eyes upon those humans who are important to our Project and we have been whispering into their ears, prompting them, if they so choose, to discover StarPortEarth in all it’s glory.


We know full well that some of you have busy lives and it may be difficult at times to keep up or even to participate at times.  There is no need for worry regarding this, all flows naturally in the correct timing. 


As we have stated before, you will all know when it is time to step up your efforts. 


For now, please continue to build the important website, as it will reap benefits for all; and know that it is the first of its kind that is directly and overtly connected to this kind of contact with extraterrestrials, as well as Unity and Brotherly Love with ETs, some of who will be participating in our Amiable Contact Project.


You have a good working team who care about one another and this is important.  The understanding and support that we observe is of a kind, respectful and loving nature.  Your nature is similar in many ways and is this collective work not proof that this is so?


We are aware that there are many weary and fatigued Lightworkers. 


We say to you; enjoy all that you can and know that the future is creeping up on you slowly.  Look to the future; look to the skies, for we are with you and around you. 


We look forward to our future together immensely; you are not alone in your longing for better days in your lives on planet Earth. 


We understand that these are indeed trying times.  Continue to hold on to your faith.  And to be the loving beings that you are, for the world needs you more than ever.


May I make a suggestion that might assist to promote our Amiable Contact Project?  Zilanthrah and Zoltair might wish to consider inserting reference to StarPortEarth in each mailing of messages from ETs and other messages that apply to Amiable Contact. 


This may be of assistance for those who are interested to view information about Amiable Contact from StarPortEarth.


Please, all of you, only take on what you are able to and for those who do have time and wish to assist, by all means, do so.  There is no set protocol, and as the energy shifts, so too can you.  If you are directed to, please do so. 


Many of you are experiencing the waning of beautiful weather and we encourage you to take full advantage of the wonder and warmth that Earth and Mother Nature provides.  It is of a healing and uplifting nature that is beneficial to all.


I am Methuselah.  Blessings of Love on this day to you all.

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