Nov 14


Message # 68



The Arcturians


Received through Zoltair

September 14, 2009



Arcturians:  We are here once again to share with you the wonders and the beauty that Heaven has in store.  For each and every individual present at this time, there are truly unimaginable rewards forthcoming.


We wish you all to understand and hold deep within your hearts the Truth that this pulsing is designed to share with you. 


It may seem barely perceptible for those who are in some way feeling separate, alone and disconnected.  But it is only part of the illusory design of this experiment. 


Embrace this as a possibility – or not.  You are benefiting nevertheless.  These color encodements are reminders of who you truly are. 


If you could observe yourselves from our vantage point, you would immediately identify with these pulses as Home.


We wish to share the Love that has been so lavishly bestowed to you.  Yes, those of you who have gone afar, have gone beyond limitation and are rising to your true destiny as Stars; Stars within the Big Picture, Stars inclusive of all possibilities and realities, Stars who are designed to expand and evolve within Love.


You are truly loved.  And you are truly Love.  We are your Brothers and Sisters.  The only difference is that you have taken the plunge and manifested fully into the Mastery of Limitation. 


We have chosen to remain here where we do not require to endure density or pain, both physically and emotionally.  It is a great thing that you are doing!  It is special! 


You are special!


We will remain present for those who are looking, seeking, practicing in the Light.


Are there any questions at this time?


Zilanthrah: Can you share with us who you are?


Arcturians:  We are known to you, my dear ones, as the Arcturians.  We are thrilled to share with you all things.  If you wish to know how it is that we live on a moment to moment basis, we live in an elastic plastic environment akin to being submerged and are able to receive sustenance from this Cosmic Goo known as Love. 


We feel ecstasy, fulfillment, joy, freedom and a comaraderie which is very difficult to put into words.  It is a closeness on a much higher level than what you may enjoy when you feel that you are connected to God. 


By comparison, the physical experience, if one could put on a scale of one to ten, the Earth experience would fall into the minus numbers.  And our experience would be beyond ten.


You are all aware that it is in your physical memory and can be accessed easily.  You have come from us, from our position.  You have this knowledge.  To further assist would require certain carefully thought out questions. 


However, we are very easily prompted and have a very well honed ability to interpret languages; many emotional aspects of specific tonal projections are the same throughout the universes.


Here every thing is Light and Love.  We are wrapped in the arms of eternity; it is a very comfortable relaxing place to be.  We do however, experience powerful upliftment when we see your joy, your laughter, your expressing of Love.  We feel it. 


It serves to remind us of when you were here with us.  This is not to imply that at any moment you are not with us.  I am sure that you are aware of the many gatherings of counsel where you attend, even while you are in physicality. 


We look forward to your returning while in rem sleep experience.  It gives us the opportunity to share your experience and heartfully feel what you have experienced.  It is an opportunity for major growth for us.  And of course, for you. 


Is there anything else that you wish to discuss with the Arcturians?


Zilanthrah: Can you give us any information about where the ascension process is at present or any appropriate information regarding when we might look forward to obvious change?


 Some say August was an important month, some say we will be here plugging away for 50 or 100 years.  Some say that 2012 is an important date.


Arcturians: Yes, within time, the translation becomes pressured, it becomes denser because of the imminent possibility that the end may elude. 


We are here NOW to reinforce the possibility that this has already happened; that you have already chosen the reality of ascension.  This is accurate. 


Time has been designed to be able to pinpoint precise numerics, thereby control every thing; all results.  We are here to inform those presently governing their accomplishments within the confines of time.  We wish only for you to know that this process becomes open to flaws, open to outside influences governing the final act. 


It is important for you to know that no thing is final.  When one walks through his or her life and stumbles and falls, does that mean that it is the end?  Does it limit your period of time to that point?


If we confirm the exact time and it does not come to pass, will that mean that it will never happen?  In Earth reality, there are billions of possibilities. 


Those who are for it and those who are not yet ready while not even being aware are holding the ascension process in perfect balance, thereby allowing the Universal growth and expansion to an accommodating pace for all involved. 


Many of you are aware that you are mutating on a moment to moment basis.  There are many side effects, some are manifested as hives, some are manifested as aches and pains, some have manifested as low levels of energy, feeling chronically tired.  You are all mutating! 


 You are all becoming Light Body. 


As Star Seeds who are known throughout All That Is, who are cherished, loved and exonerated by All That Is, you have no thing to fear.  You have been protected from the very beginning. 


And this process of Ascension is your God given right, for you will all experience being the Great Central Sun, having all the Joys, the fulfillment and all the Love that goes with being in this position.


You are truly Star Seeds who are germinating, so to speak.  And mutating into Star Status. 


Does this answer your question?


Zilanthrah:  Yes, it does.  And it makes me feel great love, joy and gratitude.


Arcturians:  Then we are blessed.  Any thing that we can offer to those who are in earth experience and uplift them gives us fulfillment. 


We love your sense of humor, we love your purity of heart, we respect your tenacity and strength and determination.  We see you grow brighter in every moment. 


Go without fear.  Go boldly.  Know that what you are doing is a wonder to behold. 


Know that you are doing the highest work possible in every moment


As you carry this in your day to day life, you will be expressing to others that this is who they truly are.  And they will recognize this truth, embody it and become more of who they truly are.  Isn’t that an empowering thought to retire with?


We will await your arrival at counsel on this night.  Thank you for your wise questions.


Zilanthrah:  I am honored to be the one who records the message.  Thank you.


Arcturians: With the highest of respect, we accept your Love.

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