Nov 14

Message # 67


Methusaleh:  Soon We Shall Be With You


Received through Helen Engel

August 30th, 2009


H:  [It is 6 a.m.  I was reviewing pyramid math and studying Logarithms when I heard a tremendously loud click on the wall.  I prepared the salted massive pyramid for my feet, arranged the crystals around the computer, placed a generator crystal on my crown, and am ready.]



H:  Helen Engel greeting Euclid.

E:  Greetings, Helen Engel.

H:  I heard a very loud click on the wall.  Will you kindly determine whether someone is contacting me through your station?

E:  One moment please.




Unknown:  We come, we come, like lightning and thunder, we come.  Who will not hear us?  Who will not see us?  From the tops of mountains, in low valleys, they will peer into the skies and say, 


“Look, look, thousands of ships.  Thousands!”


They will be awestruck.  They will be so awestruck that they will have no fear.


Yes, we are the fleet.  Yes, we are coming to Earth.


H:  Welcome, welcome, welcome!  Oh how I wish I could see you now.  Are you cloaked above us?


Unknown:  We have been gathering for many years.  We communicate with each other.  We represent a great many star nations.  We come with love, to bring peace to Earth. 


I am Methusaleh, and I have been appointed to tell a few Earth people that we are here.


All over Earth, the Ambassadors of Good Will are contacting telepathic souls and bringing the same message. 


We come in peace.  We greet our brothers and sisters in love.


H:  I wish that I could see you.  Are you sufficiently close that you can fill my heart with your love now?


Methusaleh:  In distance we are a great distance away.  In thought we are with you now.


H:  Please continue with your message.


Methusaleh:  Over the short period of time between this message and our appearance, there will be turmoil.  All light workers are urged to remain calm.  Do not believe anything that you hear or read unless it is good news.  All the bad news is either fictional or has been created to put you in fear. 


When we come across your skies, the most important task for you is to calm those around you.  Explain to them that the craft are friendly, and wish peace to the people of Earth. 


Beloved workers, soon we shall be with you.  It is only a little while.


H:  Thank you.

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One Response to “Message # 67, Aug 30, 2009”

  1. Kerrie Brown Says:

    Thankyou for this message, yes it wont be long now, I have been assisting The Federation of Light as channeled through Blossom Goodchild get their messages out and I will get yours out now also, I feel draw to do this it is not a thing I would normally do, always it is only The Federation I resonate with, but due to a message I receved in my mind, I now have found myself here.
    I would like to share with you if I may a communication I received about their first contact.


    I am here wishing to connect with you, I feel this is what you want also.

    Greetings Kerrie, as has been foretold we are soon to be in your skies, preparation is needed, those that are to assist need to be ready in their souls, it is for you dear one to know this, to stay on alert, Blossom has birthed many leaders and this will be required, the pace is quickening this you can feel.

    Yes I feel overwhelmed at times as to how fast it is all happening and I am amazed
    At how I am digesting everything with ease now.

    You are blessed Kerrie, we are with you in love and service as are you, as you have always been.

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