Nov 14

Message # 66




Near Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Received through Zilanthrah

August 26th, 2009



As you approach the energetic vortex of my earthly ashram, know that the energy of the sword of Michael and my Legions enters your field; energetically your bodies absorb and maintain the beauty of my Love and Light.


Also know that each time one enters this area, a gift of specific energy blesses you.  Your bodies are consciously aware of what is appropriate for them and adjustments are made through the body’s cellular intelligence. 


There abounds a specific myriad of crystals, gems, minerals and elements that are attuned to my energy and they carry out tasks. 


The waters in the area are supercharged in the way that they act as filters whereby they transmute negativity of the humans in the area which is transmuted with the assistance of the Light City above.  Each super charged molecule receives replenishment of energies for continuation of this task as needed.


There are specific locations throughout your heavenly planet where other Archangel energies are anchored.  If one were able to hear with their higher senses, the music near and at these places would astound you.  The colors of the specific energies near and in these places would have you in awe.


Our areas of anchoring act to hold fast these places of energies so that Earth’s grid design is held to the Divine Plan.  This is the same for the human on the ascension journey and is a reflection of what is taking place within the human.


The energies in these areas are shifting continually.  When more or less of an attribute or specific energy is needed, it is amped up or slowed down to correspond and cooperate with all of the varying balancing energies that abound on and that surround Earth. 


One specific energy is of the geological nature.  Another is the energy of botany and another is the energy of astrology.  There are an endless number of different fields of energy that play an important role in the constant changing of Earth’s energy, of Humankind’s and all sentient beings energy. 


Other energies are of the emotional, mental and spiritual.  These energies can be directed and fine tuned individually and at times combined at specific frequencies, which are directed to the core of the planetary body. 


There they combine to become a balance of Love and Light and consciously direct themselves outward, radiating to all the Earth.  When necessary, the energy guides itself to specific locations such as in the case of shifting tectonic plates or areas of great human strife.


All sentient beings benefit, no matter where they are located.


Above each Anchoring Vortex point abides what you may term a great city of Light.  This is where those beings whose task it is to measure and to make energetic adjustments reside.


Each mountain top all across this precious planet work in a similar way.  They act as antenna and receive energies that are transferred throughout the mountain range and beneath into Earth. 


Many such places are special in the way that they contain entry points that lead below the surface, as well as are delineated as areas where certain other life forms dwell. 


These ones will expose themselves one day to mingle with sentient beings in their area and roam free.  These are animal beings, feathered beings, water beings and even crawling beings who serve to release karma of days gone by when they roamed free. 


There are others who monitor their needs to ensure that they are well provided for energy wise.


What is termed ‘global warming’ has, of course, affected the glaciers.  However, the shifting of Earth and humanity are also a cause.  Be aware that the future does not hold a shortage of water. 


There will be an abundance of water and all natural resources.  Rivers and lakes will flow freely in Joy; and the life in them will be an abundant one.  There will be technologies that allow plenty of water in those locations where it is seemingly scarce.


All that is occurring planetary wise is part of the Earth’s ascension journey.  Have no fear; know that it must be this way.  In this manner, great shifts occur in every moment.  Be wondrous and be ecstatic for Mother Earth, as she is undergoing a  magnificence like no other. 


Becoming a star in the Heavens is an endeavor that she is so very worthy of.  She has great love for all of you.  Rest assured that all is indeed well.


These areas and all sentient beings such as the stones, the soil, the water, the trees and all plant life and the animal beings, the beings who fly, the beings who dwell within the sacred waters of Earth and the beings who crawl work in conjunction with my Vortex and all other Vortexes across Earth.  They are indeed sacred sites, as all of earth is. 


Feel the sacredness. Breathe it in and know that you are blessed.  Give thanks.


I Am Archangel Michael.  My Legions attend thee.

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