Nov 09

Message # 65



(pronounced key wah’ sees, with a soft “s”)


Recognize Yourself as an Expert in Transitioning Planets


Received through Zoltair

August 25th, 2009



Note from Zilanthrah:  As this message was coming through Zoltair, when he spoke  about the tone of “Queequah,” I heard a deep resonating tone of the Queequah that felt like it came from forever, entering me on an intense  emotional level.  It feels like the low tone of the Didgeridoo or Tibetan horn.  Please be open to the same possibility as you read.



Whenever Zoltair says “Kewasis” to me, it settles in my heart and feels very loving.



THE QUEEQUAH:  We extend our warmest welcome to our beloved Zilanthrah and Zoltair, who have carried our name throughout the millennia within their DNA.  These structures are developed and employed as a simple universal law or program, which enables the intelligence of each cell to lock in all recorded history, memory and wisdom.


Zoltair, each time that you spoke the name Queequah in the past, it served to unlock that portion of your memory and allowed many codes to be activated.


We are here now to extend our life altering technologies.  These technologies were developed for such an occasion and have been tried, tested and true in many other similar planetary ascensions. 


As you look toward the heavens and witness the infinite number of glowing heavenly bodies that presently exist, you are viewing a model of exactly what is occurring within your cellular structure. 


This model, if you will, indulges for just a moment, but contains much more; the concepts and constructs of this state of being go on infinitely.  However, this may be beyond conceptual at this time and we do not wish to complicate in any way your picture of reality about what is indeed happening.


Beloveds, we are here to introduce you to a widening perspective of yourselves and your connection to All That Is.  There are a simple few adjustments that each and every one of you are about to undergo that will unlock the Secrets of the Universe that remain in your cellular structures. 


As the planet reaches her point of maximum density and begins to ascend, your bodies are undergoing similar experiences.  This is a simple explanation of how you are feeling at this present time.  It is important however, that you know and understand that going with the flow will ease your discomfort. 


Queequah is a very special tonal activation, for you are still able to understand that Tonal Language and your body shall react accordingly. 


We are of the star system Kewasis.  This is our home base, located 5 universes beyond your local universe, and can be reached instantaneously through telepathic communication.


However, we have a delegation aboard the Starship forever, circumventing the globe, maintaining certain frequencies, certain ranges of light and color in an effort to ease the transition that is about to take place.


Something of great importance is imminent and will occur very soon.  All the technologies being focused on the planet are dedicated to the fulfillment of Earth’s request; that all sentient beings making up her mass are properly prepared. 


She has graciously and lovingly slowed her Ascension Process in order that all beings reach maximum vibration and can make the cross over with ease and grace. 


Careful monitoring and gentle persuasion have played a major part in the quickening process for humanity and all beings who are here at this time.  Those who are awake have been guided to support those who are still in the process of waking up. 


This has been conducted with a multitude of different techniques; all of them Divinely designed to accommodate each individual aspect of God. 


The door has been closed on those who prefer to remain in darkness and they are being given the opportunity and are welcome to join us.  Many of them have done so and many more will come to realize their Divinity and also join us. 


This process of Ascension is well known throughout All That Is and has been practiced and carried out flawlessly since the beginning of time.  It is to your empowerment that you begin to recognize yourselves as experts in the field of transitioning planets, for you all volunteered for this mission.  You were chosen and you accepted because of your unique abilities.


Understand that what you do for the process is ingrained in each individual and at times may appear that your expressions are in some way inadequate.  Know from this point forward that every expression is Divinely Designed to activate these processes in others and are vitally important. 


This is a time to step back from ego and allow this expression to flow.  As you do this, those who are around you will see the fulfillment, the ecstasy, the Joy and the Love.  They will begin to follow your example. 


This is only one transmission in a long line.  We are open and we see that you are open.


Go and enjoy, open your hearts.  Love is truly all there is. We send our love and our respects to all.  We are One.


We are the Queequah of Kewasis.


Note from Zoltair:  On a personal note, Queequah and Kewasis are words that I have used for years but never knew why or what they meant.  I use “Kewasis” as an endearment to my wife.  I sometimes say “Queequah” to our dog to come quickly or to jump up quickly and she always responds.


I believe that Zilanthrah and I were on Kewasis millennia ago during that ascension journey.  Through that connection, we have family and loved ones that are actually part of all of us, all of our lineage and soul group.


The Time is Now and there is more NOW here than there has ever been before!


Love to All of you.

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