Nov 09

Message # 64





Received through Zoltair

August 19th, 2009



I am here for you.  Please know that this communication is for you and Zilanthra exclusively.  We have been observing the energies that have been emanating from you.  They have created a vortex that will remain open in the future. 


This opening in the Lattice is for a very specific reason; the contact of many ships, guides and angels upon your request.  Your Higher Self has been manifested thru your melding together with encodements sent to your selves from the higher dimensions.  Note that these encodements have been integrated fully. 


You however, will be facilitating these contacts through your acceptance of this possibility.  As you continue to use the power of intent and focus on the ships that are here and will continue to pass through your camera lens; if you feel that these results are not perfect in any way, we wish you to know that it is exactly the opposite. 


You know each one who is in the presence of these pulsing ships will be given exactly what they require.  Have no doubt about the work that we share from this time forward.  If feelings of doubt come up for you, ask Zilanthrah to remove them.  She will ask you for the same. 


Be aware that in the higher realms you are all known.  This is child’s play, for together you have transitioned many other planets.  Keep up the good work.  Understand that these messages have been forwarded through us here on the ship from your Higher Selves.


Do not feel in any way that this is something that you don’t already know. It’s just a way for you to evoke your inner knowing.  This also is something that you execute perfectly. 


You have asked that we relay this short message to you as a quickening. Zilanthrah and Zoltair, open more fully to the guests who have taken up residence in those bodies.  (smiley face, xxx’s and ooo’s) 


It is our pleasure to work with you once again.


Note:  We were laughing and joking while editing and I said that maybe we can charge rent!  Zoltair said that pets are welcome, but no cooties please.



ANGELEA  Message 2


A:  Care to do some more writing?


Z:  I would love to.


A:  Here we go.  We are in your 5th dimensional Sanctuary, make no mistake about this.  Remember, you asked for it.


It is truly a wise one who is aware of what they ask for.  That is a cosmic joke, is it not?


As you request the camera from the universe, know that exactly the perfect one is already manifest.  Know that you are seeing through new eyes.  When you point and shoot, with the whole universe supporting you – guess what?  Things most powerful will become an every day experience. 

 Add to this your divine intent and wow – shazam – the universe is limitless. 


We are arranging the distribution that works to give you what you need.  Your occupants will assist you when they are presented.  This is how it will be done from this day forward.


Use this awareness to drive you forward. 


We are here now and we go with you. 

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