Nov 09

Message # 63




Received through Zilanthrah

August 19th, 2009



With the dove my Brother Sananda and I come.  It is in these auspicious times, my dear ones, that peace reign in your hearts, within your entire being.  For this is a time of integration.  What is occurring for you is an intensity never before felt by any human.


Every cell within your body is undergoing transformation.  Every cell is being raised into a higher vibration.  Each day your physical being changes and your physical body integrates these changes.  Know that when you feel a twinge here or a stabbing throb there, it is part of these monumental changes that your body is experiencing. 


The intensity of the variations being experienced vary from one to another.  Some are more inclined or designed to take on a heavier load.  This reflects partly as what you chose to take on.  As well, some physical bodies are more sensitive than others. 


Know, beloved ones, that it shall be all right.  It is only temporary until you reach a leveling out of symptoms.  When this occurs, it is because the energies on earth have leveled. The assimilation and integration process has taken place and you will know when this occurs because you will feel better. 


Then it will be time for another level, the beginning of your next stage in the ascension process.  You are morphing continually in all ways.  Aspects are birthing anew; the many aspects that make up the being that is you. 


As more of Spirit merges with the physical, all the bodies are affected.  You are aware that as your emotional and mental bodies relax and feel better, the same occurs for your physical.  As this takes place, the spiritual body has also taken in and integrated. 


The spiritual body interprets all that has taken place within the other bodies.  The spiritual body assimilates and integrates all that has occurred and it becomes translated into higher ways of being. 


As your bodies grow, so does your spiritual body grow and evolve.  It takes on the enhanced or raised senses of the third and raises it into a higher frequency.  All your bodies are then on the same page and you are able to function in Unity and harmony. 


You are growing into a higher vibration of harmony.  Everything is stepping up molecularly and atomically.  Your atoms are evolving and becoming more.  So you see, the symptoms that you experience is proof of your body morphing into a higher state of being; a higher state of consciousness.


When you recognize that this is what is occurring, it assists all your bodies.  Acknowledging and accepting that this is so allows ease and grace for each body, in fact for each and every cell.  Allow your cells to transform with ease and grace.  Give your body the option that is best for it and for you. 


In this way, your higher mind communicates to your cells that all is well, to accept the changes with joy and to allow yourself to expand with ease and grace into your maximum potential.


Know that there are those who are now energetically closer to the 5th dimension than the 3rd.  These ones have lifted the foot that remained in the 3rd and are leaning toward the direction of the 5th.  These ones are on the leading edge, the ones who will indeed be the shepherds and guides for those who will follow with a burning desire to know.


For those of you who require employment as a necessity, know that there will arise new opportunities that will offer you the option to create finances in an easier way.  This will cause your life to become simpler, creating more time for your connection with Spirit.


See yourself enjoying each day that you spend while creating finances.  There is no need for any of you to feel bound to a job that does not fulfill your creative and your co creative abilities. 


Throughout the planet at this time, there are millions who yearn to be released from days they spend that do not feel uplifting.  This will all be transformed in the near future.  Know that this must change as it is all part of the chain of events. 


A transformed being will choose the direction that is conducive to their health, happiness and divine fulfillment.  It is all part of their growing process.  To behave in any way that is not conducive to the light will be felt immediately.  Know that to make the best choice for your highest good is the new way of being and you will make choices in this manner from now on in your own Divine Timing.


And as your perspective continues to shift, you may begin to see your present job anew.  It may become more fulfilling than before.  It is only for a short time more.


There are tremendous energetic events occurring on a moment to moment basis.  All those who volunteered to be here to assist in this time of great change have stepped forth out of unconditional Love.  They do so with great honor. 


It has become very busy, to put it simply, for all.  The pace of all plans and tasks, all designs, all programs has stepped up a level.  Plans are swiftly being carried out as never before.  The barriers are no longer in place, making for more ease than ever for all councils and all universal brethren no matter what their task is. 


As another level is completed, more step forward to pick up the next process and to see that it is carried to completion.  There is much delight, yet a sense of energetic urgency among all who are working toward the ascension process, for they desire that your journey be as gentle as possible.


Some of you are requesting relief at this time.  Your requests are heard.  Know that during your sleep time, you do gain peace and relaxation through your spiritual body.  You are being cared for and given support through your etheric body as it brings these supportive emotions from the 5th dimension and beyond into your physical body.  When you arise in the morning, know that you have received respite during your sleep. 


Assimilation and integration of new energy takes time.  The transformation of your physical bodies is no small thing.  It is monumental; it is phenomenal and sometimes feels horrendous emotionally and mentally. 


These subtle bodies are undergoing transformation, therefore you feel very different at times.  However, underlying all the symptoms that you are experiencing is a base of peace and gratitude, for that higher part of you knows that all is well. 


You are so dearly admired and loved by all those in the etheric realms for your bravery and your steadfastness. 


Look to the skies, for your brethren are indeed showing themselves.  It is their way of saluting you in the highest way that they are able to at this time. 


Change is rapidly occurring as never before and continues to do so.  There may be seeming lulls from time to time, but energetically there are none.  It is coming at you fast and hard, dear ones; the Love and Light of the Great Central Sun generating the quickening that is occurring for all.  Take it in stride, be kind to yourselves, for you deserve it.



Celebrate your metamorphosis and congratulate yourselves for your accomplishments.

Fly with the dove in the divine peace that is you.


I Am Methuselah.


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