Nov 09

Message # 62






Received through Zilanthrah                                                                                                          August 17th, 2009


I greet you with confirmation and expansion regarding Zoltair’s relay from Captain Angelea.  I wish to let you know that your mission, if you choose to accept (Laughalot) is real and this offer is extended to you both with complete delight and total trust.


You are correct in your thoughts that your location is an ideal site for the photographing of various craft. 


Also, as each craft passes, is observed and recorded, there are to be accompanying messages from those sources.  In this way, you will learn more about the craft and their purpose that you may share. 


Is this not a perfect way to introduce human beings to the fact that there is indeed a multitude of life in the Universe and beyond?


As has been stated, following the intention that this endeavor has been extended and offered, all will come together.  As you both follow your intuition and discernment very well, you must rely on that completely. 


It is when Zilanthrah goes to the window and there is something to see in the sky, she does not even realize that her intuition is telling her to look outside to the skies.  So, follow each thought with a step that leads you closer to a very fulfilling task.


This is your choice, of course, however we observe that the idea presented brings you both a feeling of joy and wonder.  And it delights us that you feel this way.


Messages and pictures, what a wonderful combination as a way to serve the co creation of Heaven on Earth.


I offer that as you shoot footage of a craft, you might receive a message following your sighting.  When shared with others, you may present it in this way with the information provided in the message.


Because of your rural location and because of the open vortex there, it is an ideal location.  We are aware of your thoughts of spending time outdoors in the night and advise that you make yourselves as comfortable as possible and prepare in such a way that this will be so.


We will provide the ease of our appearance for you, you require those third dimensional needs for your equipment and your comfort.  It will all transpire with the ease and the grace with which you are made of.


 Upon your acceptance of this endeavor, there are many who have become aware of this possibility becoming a reality.  We will provide more information at suitable times.  Also know that this idea and endeavor is something that is completely new, both to us and to you.  It will create pleasure and delight for all involved.


Please consider a simple celebration of honor and welcome regarding the new energies within your selves. 


I Am Methuselah and I bring great news.



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