Nov 09

Message # 61




Received through Zoltair

August 7th, 2009


Zoltair:  Does this name do you justice?


Curio-Esh:  Yes.  We are of the star system Eshra, not known to all on Earth.  We wish to take part in Amiable Contact for many reasons.  The very fact that Earth is on the threshold of taking her rightful place in the hierarchy of this universe is enough. 


But as well, this is a new pathway; a technology that can be applied in any planetary transition.  Think of it, many will benefit – a NEW technology!  We will now apply to the Councils and ask permission to assist and to take a role in this wonderful new pathway.


Zoltair:  I am Zoltair, a telepath hosting the great entity Helena, Captain of Starship Capricorn and am grateful to have been blessed with many gifts.  You, I am sure, have much more such attributes!  Does the name that you have given represent an entire race or is it your name?


Curio-Esh:  Zoltair, you are very kind.  And this is an important attribute.  When one wishes to meet and host another of the fifth dimension, it is a must.


My name is Vel.  I am pleased to share my essence with yours (meaning vibration)


Curio-Esh is the name of the people here in the Eshra systems.  They are comprised of humanoid and bird like beings.  Your new sight is correct (meaning the picture or vision that I saw of the race who carry eagle-like countenance or dignity while having human-like facial features) we are a very old and wise race of enlightened masters.  We live in a co operative, all working and learning together, similar to the All One model known to Earth masters.  We have a system of reward for accomplishments concerning the betterment of the All One.  This system is as old as our race’s existence. 


Zoltair:  I would be honored to facilitate any dialogue and interaction between Earth, Amiable Contact Group and the Curio-Esh.  Thank you Vel, for this opportunity.  I have a request, if you will.


Vel:  Yes, Zoltair, we are aware that you wish us to visit you in your dream state.  Look for me, I will appear as a beautiful being of Light, with wings of Golden Rays.  Until then, we send you our love.


Zoltair:  See you in my dreams.  Thank you. 


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