Nov 09

 Message # 60




Received through Zoltair

August 6, 2009


Zoltair:  I am open to anyone of the 5th dimension or higher who wishes contact.  I call in the Ascended Masters and Angels to pull in close and surround me in a blanket of protective energy.  I clear my sharper field of any negativity. I am overshadowed by our loving Captain Helena.


Helena:  Yes, my loving one, what is your desire?


Zoltair:  I wish only to open a channel for anyone who wishes to communicate to Earth.  Can you please assist me with this?


Helena:  Of course, it is done.



Kamal:  I am Kamal and I am speaking to you from a vast distance.  Our home planet is in the Gamma System.  It is approximately 800,000,000 light years from Earth Star. 


We have been observing the planet and her inhabitants for many millions of years.  We are amazed by your progress.  There was a time when we were of a mind to see something tragic.  This has all changed.


This group of loving ones who have come together to manifest the Amiable Contact have proven wise and powerful.  We here are amazed.


We wish to support you all and let you know that we are sending you our energetic support.  We wish those here who are of our lineage to know that we are very proud of them.


Zoltair:  We send you our open invitation to join in our Amiable Contact group.  We thank you for your support and wish to interact as much as possible.  We will accept any input that you can offer.


Kamal:  We are thrilled with the invitation and whole heartedly accept.  This communication can take place in the form of thoughts. 


You will have noticed that many others are jumping on board.  Some may be new to human bodies and seem somewhat different.  Go with your heart and be gentle, for these ones carry vast amounts of information that can assist in the completion of the ascension process.


Thank you very much, Earth people, for this opportunity.  You indeed, have a very dramatic way of showing such hope and faith throughout all that is.


Know that you are loved greatly.


I go in Love; I am Kamal.


Zoltair:  Thank you Kamal, Helena and Ascended Masters and Angels.

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