Oct 26

Message # 59




Received through Zilanthrah

August 3rd, 2009


Greetings my lovely and beloved Amiable Contacts! 


It pleases me to be in touch regarding our important project.  Please remember if you have any questions, we are more than happy to oblige.


Regarding coordinates of Amiable Contacts, we suggest that each one do their homework regarding pinpointing the exact coordinates of their landing site.  Darlene’s suggestion is an excellent one.  Let them do what is necessary as this is all part of their individual undertaking.


All fleets, all Motherships and all craft are highly intelligent, educated and aware of Earth coordinates.  Therefore, it is not necessary for cumbersome printouts of each image. 


You may record individual coordinates and keep a record for yourself so that when the time is appropriate, you only need read them.  As Zoltair looks at the  printed coordinates with his eyes, the information will be instantaneously relayed to our Project Coordinator as well as to each individual craft.  Each craft will receive information through our Amiable Contact Center. 


Also, each participant has been made aware that they can relay their individual coordinates using thought at any time.  When the time is right for Amiable Contact, they may relay then also.


An Amiable Contact Protocol program has been designed and this is one of the ways that we follow and carry out Amiable Contact. 


There are more messages to come for you Zilanthrah from cultures who wish to participate with Amiable Contact. We suggest that if Zoltair has direction to also receive what you have called “ET Messages,” this would be highly appropriate. 


You may receive contacts from some who will not actually participate, but who wish to say hello to their Earth brethren.  These ones will be walking the Earth when the shift has occurred to guide and provide insight for humankind.


Once again, we salute your Amiable Holiday Gathering. From our perspective, it was a resounding success.  We thoroughly enjoyed our Gathering and have a desire for more!  We are thrilled that more than one of you observed light beings.


We suggest that the video of our craft pulsing to you be included on your website so that the world can see.  And remember, there are encodings for all who view this, so please do what is necessary to bring this to completion.


We observe your busyness, however please remember to set time aside for celebration and ceremony.  You are highly aware of how this uplifts you to a higher place.  And that is great practice for what is to come and for your future work.


Know that we also observe you who have acknowledged and are assimilating your gifts. 

Is it not wonderful for you!  We celebrate your newness of heightened senses and ask that you put them to use.


Some of you are doing this and we commend you.  Please continue and know that with time, it will be as we are speaking through your voice boxes.  We will indeed become One and our energy will carry many through the learning process of ascension.


Darlene, we stand in awe.  We acknowledge the tireless effort that you are putting into our Amiable Contact Project and wish you to know that we applaud and celebrate your intent to serve.  Can you imagine if there were more like you who were as devoted?  We can!  Your talents combined with those whom you are working with make a wonderful collective team that can make miracles.


And Don, we thank you for your peaceful energy.  The energy of saying nothing rather than putting out energy that does not serve the higher good indeed sets a wonderful example.  Your gathering together is a case of the right people being together at the right time.  We encourage you to do this again.


We acknowledge and are grateful to all who serve our Amiable Contact Project.  We refer to the little one who brought in the concept.


We encourage our sister who dwells on the other side of dear Earth to consider participating with our esteemed Project.  We wish her to know that she is a gift of love, compassion and empowerment to Earth and to the Heavens in all that she does.


Michael, we wish you to know that when the time is appropriate that you shall indeed live your dream.  Please be patient.


Marje, your presence within the Gathering was most important.  Your Force of Grace was shared by all.  For you see, not only did you all receive gifts from the 5th dimension, you received gifts from one another.


We suggest to you that when StarPortEarth website is open to the world, you will have many, many inquiries about Amiable Contact.  Amiable Contact may occur simultaneously or in stages.  You will understand better as time continues.  You are aware of the planned mass landings.  Amiable Contact may just be that, amiable landings world wide.


As of yet, we sense that it is difficult for your comprehension what the consequences of Amiable Contact will be.  We are making history together.  And we are joyful, our thoughts are of a celebratory nature. 


We cannot yet tell you how soon this will occur.  As with all things energetic, dates and times simply cannot be given.  Truly, we do not know ourselves.  We can only say that the pot is simmering well and close to being ready to come to a rolling boil. 


However, we will tell you that we are indeed proud of each of you and that your path is indeed one of illumination.  We are grateful for your dedication, devotion and discipline. 


Please, once again, remember that if anything of an overwhelming nature should occur for you, take the time to rest or to play. 

Amiable Contact, as well as life on planet Earth, is an enjoyable and heart filling experience, not just for you, our dear ones, but for us.


We acknowledge the crossing over and welcome our beloved brother Jerry and wish you to know that he rests peacefully and without any encumbrances in the arms of Creator.


I leave you now and will be soon speaking again. 


Our love from the crew and Captain of the Starship Capricorn

 I am Helena.



Scroll down as Captain Helena now gives a message through Zoltair…..




Received through Zoltair

August 3, 2009



Hello Helena, my good friend and seemingly constant companion I am asking for confirmation regarding Google Earth images of coordinates of individual landing sites for Amiable Contacts.


Helena:  Well, well, well, is this a timely statement!  You are right about that one.  I have been waiting for your conscious confirmation on this subject for some time.


Yes, my loving host, you are my old friend and my good friend.  As we sit together and apart simultaneously we are never totally apart.  We can travel vast distances in a millisecond, so as we wish to communicate, we can anytime do so. 


You have a question that concerns your beloved Zilanthrah and the web master, D.


Zoltair:  Yes, do I require to repeat the question in the case of the longitude and latitude coordinates?


Helena:  It is perfectly alright to relay this as a universal address, so to speak.  The satellite video or images are in most cases out of date.  They are poor representations of the present locations. 


As well, the planet has made major changes in relation to past orientation.  It may be of some value in future gatherings that are held in new locations. 


These coordinates will be turned over to our navigation experts aboard Capricorn and they will have the opportunity to apply their expert skills and calculations with regard to the vibrational variance that the earth is undergoing. 


These will aid the crew to calculate the correct vector with which to plot their fly by or even landing, as you know.  Does this meet with your request for authentication?


Zoltair:  Yes, I am sure that both D and Zee will be happy with your explanation.  Thank you all very much.


I would like to continue on.  Are there any matters or adjustments that you wish to pass on to Zilanthrah or me at this time?


Helena:  Oh, way to pass it to me!  It is well received and yes, there is something.  Your recording of today’s earlier message was very good, especially your interpretation of the tool box.  Well done. 


We are amazed at the way that you opened and took in the contents.  It was a first and employed your ease and grace to the fullest.  The integration has solidly set into your cellular structures and will become more apparent as time passes.  Blessings on your Journey.  Any questions, Zoltair?


Zoltair:  Perhaps Helena, but not at this time.  I wish to wind down for a while and relax for the evening.  Thank you all once again.  Bless you for all that you do for us and Mother Earth.



Note from Zilanthrah:  Helena’s reference to the toolbox is from an earlier message that we will share as soon as I get it typed up.


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