Oct 23

Message # 58




Received through Zilanthrah

July 31, 2009




Greetings, my fellow Canadians.  Greetings, my fellows of all countries.


There has settled within the hearts and minds of the majority of the world’s populace a sense of calmness; an overall sense of peace.  You may see it as akin to the peaceful silence on  the eve of Christmas Day when the sense of peace prevails. 


Even those who presently live in war torn countries carry a sense of peace amidst ongoing chaos, hardship and grief.


It is happening, dear citizens of Earth.  It is happening for those undergoing tough decisions also.  And there are many, believe me, who know that it is high time for making important decisions; decisions that will affect their lives forever and the lives of those around them.  They are making their choices with a sense of peace.  They know that amidst the challenges that they face that all is well.


It is a new chapter for humanity. 


Do you see what is happening?  I will tell you.  You have been encouraged to hold peace in your hearts.  Now this energy of peace that you express has impacted the world.  Look how powerful your hearts and minds are!  We see it in every second of your days.


You know how quickly you can make things happen now, particularly on a physical level.  So you know very well just how powerful your thoughts are.


This is happening for more and more people each and every day.  So use that power that you have in every single way that you can!


How about new stewardship for this great country that you call home?


How about a stewardship who guides your wonderful people and who have your best interests at heart?  And the best interests of this beautiful land, including all your natural resources? 


How about a stewardship with the reality that includes making a better life for those who are hungry, homeless and not in great health? 


How about the senior citizens, those who toiled to build this great country?


Let us consider also the waters and those who dwell within them.  Let us consider the purification of the waters.  And all that pertains to the earth and that which ails her. 


How about the loss of forests that diminishes natural habitat for those who dwell there?  How about making changes in the shipping channels that maim and kill those who swim within them?  Need I continue?


It is time folks, for using your God given power of thought, for you deserve a God given way of life.  Let us acknowledge that we are worthy of lives that are becoming to us in all ways.  Let us be empowered and be all that we can be.


How about dreaming up and imagining a country where all trust and respect those who are the stewards for the people and for the land?  You are worthy of receiving so know that you are also worthy of expressing your dreams.


So imagine, imagine and imagine some more!  This grand country deserves grandness!  These beautiful souls deserve all that life has to offer.  Go about your dreams in a big way.


A balanced country is made up of balanced sovereign individuals.  Your sovereignty must begin with respect for yourselves.  Individuals who trust in and respect themselves can only conjure up stewards who are also sovereign and express respect and trust within and without.


Imagine hearing announcements of monumental changes for all Canadian brothers and sisters.  Imagine the impact on everyone.  Imagine the FEELING that flutters your heart with excitement and the feeling of anticipating more to come!


There are so many who will come forward to be the new stewards.  Imagine their excitement when at long last they are free to express their God given talents, dreams and freedom.  And on and on it will go.


Now, remember how your energy of peace has affected others world wide.  And then know that dreaming a grand dream also affects others.  You see, here is proof of how powerful you are, so why not allow that power to continue to work?  That power of thought is an energy that can never be stopped!  And why on earth or in heaven should it be!


Know that as your dreams become bigger and more powerful, it helps our energy in our realms to become bigger and more powerful. 


So, please DREAM ON!  And remember to DREAM BIG!  And FEEL IT!


Have I made my point?


Zilanthrah:  You are not only inspiring, your enthusiasm is contagious.  Thank you.


TCD:  Then I am done.

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