Oct 23

Message # 57


Archangel Gabriel:  It Will Not Be Long


Received through Helen Engel

July 30, 2009




Archangel Gabriel:  We are at the beginning of the end, and at a new beginning.  I wish to greet all the people of Earth. 

I am Archangel Gabriel.  This is the message to be sent forth.



The time is drawing nigh for all humans to prepare. Just as you prepare for a long trip, or you prepare for a vacation, it is important that you prepare now for a new journey. This will be a new journey.  No one has gone before you.  No one is able to explain to you what it will be like.



I will tell you this.  If you prepare, your journey will be smooth.  You will prepare physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Physically, you will bring your body to maximum health.  Do not get fatigued between now and the time of your departure.  Rest often.  Emotionally, be at peace and filled with joy.  This is the trip that you have been working toward.  This is your journey to peace, tranquility, and love.  Prepare spiritually by being in union with the Oneness that is in heaven, and that has been brought to you.  Feel it now.  Feel the oneness with the animals, the birds, your neighbors.  Make it happen.



I have one more message.  This is about the interpretation of news.  I ask you to be on guard regarding the news that you will read or hear, from now until your journey begins.  There are no catastrophes coming.  There is no pandemic.  There are no atomic bombs.  Even the hurricanes and earthquakes cannot harm you.  You are already in the bosom of heaven.  In spirit we are One, although your body is still on earth.



The days of your reward are about to begin. Take heed.  Sleep well, eat wisely, rest.  Be prepared.  It will not be long.



I am Archangel Gabriel of God.




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