Oct 23

Message # 56




Received through Zoltair

July 20, 2009




Zoltair:  Ok, let’s go.


H:  We have a short message for your group.  The new clarity that is evident for the AC group is not to be overlooked.  You are on the verge of accessing the 12 strands of DNA that you were given in the beginning.  For those who have been limited by the loss of 80% of your brain’s capacity, this transformation will begin as enhanced awareness in all aspects of sensory awareness; sight, feeling, insight, inner knowing.  Go with these feelings, it will create more.  As your awareness quickens, your world will brighten, for your very cells will have a profound and new ability to accept life.  A new capacity for enormous amounts of light integration.


Calm skies are a normal everyday state.  Your every movement will be fulfilled with ease and grace.  As you move into your Wholeness.  The negative aspects will transmute into positive interactions.  Be aware of your inner and outer changes.  This will serve you well. 


Z:  Why do I feel that I am repeating messages?


H:  Mostly because you are.  It is being repeated in new ways and of different energy levels, the reason is to reach those who have reached the point of readiness.  As you tell your brothers and sisters, they in turn tell those who are close to them.  Remember, we are here to wake up those who are here to wake up those…


Z:  Thank you for that.  It resonates very deeply for me.


H:  I knew that you would like that.  It is encoded for you.  It only takes a small adjustment to be endowed with the personal encodements for others who are listening.


Z:  How profound.  I seem to be doing much better with telepathic communication.  This has always been a goal, to perfect with clarity our communication.  I would like to take this time to thank you for the wonderful enlightening message of last night.  How perfectly perfect.  You are the best, Helena.


H:  Thank you my brother Zoltair.  Try as we might to say everything in one interaction, it is difficult and sometimes leaves one wanting to express more.  Do not let these feelings shape your view of how much you have accomplished, for as the process plays out in divine timing, the message will be heard perfectly.  Go to your training and initiation into the Solar Ring


Z:  Thank you again.  You have brought me full circle and eased my path.


H:  As you record these words, you too are recording a pathway for many to use in their awakening.  There are no accidents, only the Divine Plan playing out perfectly.

Do you feel that this will suffice for now?


Z:  I feel that I could do this non stop and at some point, I will.  Is this correct?


H:  Now you’re talking our language!  It is written. (laughing)  Over and out.


Ps:  Zelena has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it..


Z:  I thought it did.

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