Oct 23

Message # 55


METHUSELAH  Acknowledging the Overlay of            

                Divine Energies


Received through Zilanthrah 

July 20, 2009



I welcome your hearts into mine, for my energy is in tune with the Divine and I wish it to be so for you.


In an earlier message that preceded your Holiday gathering, there was information that there may be a merging of higher energies with human.  The implication was specifically for Zilanthrah; that my energy will begin to gradually merge with hers.  This is like an overlay or an imprint of higher energies that enable her to progress with more clarity, with a lighter step and mostly to know within.  Her experience is affecting her and there is no doubt in her mind that she is different. 


This is true for Zoltair also, as he in the last few days has quickened and has an awareness that is new to him.  These energies that you received as gifts from those who came to you during your gathering in oneness are beneficial for all of you in many ways.  You will discover these ways as you grow with them.  They are a kind of merging of Spirit with matter, specifically with your physical, emotional and mental bodies.  This strengthens your Spirit body and we see them glowing brilliantly as never before in this earth experience.


If you will acknowledge that you have received such a gift, it will assist it to come more fully for you.  Know that it is a gradual process, as we do not wish to burn out any circuitry, so to speak.  It must be this way, as you are human after all.  And it is only a matter of your accepting and allowing this for yourself, it is not a necessity, but it is considered as a gift from on high.  In other words, you must accept and give permission for this to occur.  There is no imposition from the higher realms where there is only Love for all that is.


The overlay of divine energies will allow you to step forth with more confidence and ease.  In times to come, this gift will be paramount for utilization.  You may begin practicing now.  As long as you acknowledge and claim it as your divine gift, it will be so for you.  If you are not certain as to who you are strongly connected with in the etheric, I suggest that the one who is in your thoughts at present may be the one who has become your personal guide.  If there is no one at this time, ask and you will see what your awareness brings you.  Know that it is so and it is done.  Also know that it is not important to connect these divine energies and attributes with a specific name.


We merge with you to guide you in your important work.  And also to guide you in your every day lives, for it is from the perspective of daily life that you learn to walk the higher path.  You will find yourselves opening up in new ways and yes, there are many levels of new ways for you all. 


Know that as our faithful believers gather together, there is a synergy created that allows for our energies to become present with yours, not only on a participatory level, but on a level where it is easy for us to send the energies that super impose into your human make up, and for your make up to accept.  When your vibration is higher than usual, many energetic miracles occur.  This is again, more preparation for you all.


We commend the strong faith held by Amiable Contact participants. We would encourage you to share these recent messages with all Amiable Contacts, so that they may be guided to form their own gatherings in their locations, where they will be gifted with the same.  Know that this is the way that we will walk with you now and in times to come.  As the pace of absorbing and merging with our energies continue, you will become more spiritual and will  know without doubt that this is occurring for you.  It is akin to our walking with you hand in hand, but it is so much more than that, for we are within your very cells!  And truly, ascension is all about Spirit merging with matter.  You are becoming the blessed human merging with Spirit where the experience is the best of both worlds.


I am Methuselah.  I am the soft breeze that gently moves the leaves in the willow.  I am the twinkle in the stars and I am the twinkle in your eye.  We welcome you to the 5th dimension.

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