Oct 23

Message # 54


HELENA – You are the Bearers of Great Things


Received through Zoltair

July 18, 2009




H: It is time to talk about Z & Z.


Z:  Thank you.


H:  We wish to clarify the present state that has you thinking “why have we not leaped straight into a new life, a new way of being?”  We wish to inform you that this has taken place.  You have just but a moment to accept it.  Look around you and you will see that it will never be the same for either of you.  Let there be no doubt, let there be faith.


 I am only a messenger for the good things to come.  You are the bearers of these great things.  As we work together, you can count on encoded messages that will serve the co creation of Heaven on Earth.  These are a higher language that you now receive on a new level, something to do with the closeness that we enjoy in every now.  Can you please, with feeling of absolute accomplishment, embody this perspective?  Yes, this is the way to Godliness.  You shall share with the others.


Z:  May I ask a question?


H:  Yes, please do so.


Z:  If I am changing and Zee is also becoming more aware, then I am truly full of gratitude, love and light.  I choose to realize my Wholeness.  Will my picture of reality include everyone?  Will I have the wisdom and insight to allow others their own time to turn around? 


H:  These are questions that can only be asked by one who has wisdom and the ability to love first and then, to honor each and everyone’s divinity.  You see, we have choose correctly.  These are Universal concepts, ordained by the All One throughout infinity; concepts that are not easily understood. We have every indication that you and Zilanthrah do.  So from this now forward and in every now, you will.  Your Will be done, so to speak.  Remember this always.  It is time that you know it.


We have you with us.  You have all this within you.  I Am that I Am.  Remember, you too wrote the book on this subject. 


Love forever and a cosmic day, I am Helena.

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