Oct 23

Message # 53


CAPTAIN HELENA  on Our Gifts from Capricorn


Received through Zilanthrah

July 19, 2009



Greetings, my friends.  Here we are again, in tune with nature.  Do you not feel a stronger connection when you are outdoors?  We observe that in most humans, when they are connected to nature, they also feel more connected to Spirit. Although they may not understand why this is so, they realize that they feel so good when outdoors, whether they may be gardening, walking or even taking out the trash.


We wish you to know that we are here, we are with all of you who believe and have faith that we are here.  You may confirm to your friends Marje and Jerry that we are indeed with him and are working with him.  He is not in a life threatening situation at present.  We also wish you to know that we are showing ourselves to those who believe (referring to the orange orbs that Jerry saw in hospital during the night) and  to those who may not totally believe, so that they will believe. 


And yes, the orange orbs not only represent us of the Capricorn, the orange is a signature of the type of healing that Jerry is receiving.  It is not only physical, but adjustments are being made to the emotional and mental bodies. 


We see in this couple, Marje and Jerry, unconditional love, acceptance and mutual respect for one another and we wish to encourage the span of such relationships, as it serves very well, not only as an example in present, but in future will serve as a glorious example of how two people can truly get alone, especially when there is Love.  It is a delight for us when we come across such people who have been through thick and thin, which allows their Love to become stronger.


We are always protecting, guiding and assisting to maintain the health of those whom we have connected with in past.  All you need do is to think of them and others and that single thought that you have, where you wish only the best for them, assists to make it so.  See how powerful your thoughts are!  You do not even have to form a complete sentence within your thought, you instantaneously have the complete thought in a neat little package.  It is like a present that is gift wrapped and tied with a pretty bow, it is complete and packaged.  So, you can see that with this one thought, it is instantaneously perceived and instantaneously carried out.  The thoughts that you carry about all other things are manifested in exactly the same way.  Would it not be wonderful that every thought that you have in every moment of every day were so uplifting and positive to manifest a more uplifting and positive way of being?


All ships are now closer than before.  It is an unprecedented, historical and monumental act.  Do you have any questions at this time?


Zoltair:  Greetings Helena and Capricorn crew.  I have enjoyed a new energy and clarity when it comes to reading and writing, especially during telepathic communications with you of late.  It’s wonderful.  All living things seem brighter and more comfortable to be around, especially nature in its bright glory.  The clouds, rain, thunderstorms and lightening have been absolutely powerful, the weather is perfect.  Every day I feel stronger and much more emotionally stable.  I know that this is, in my heart of hearts, part and parcel of some of the gifts that were given the group.  I wonder if anyone else in the group is feeling the same way.  You do feel closer and I anticipate in every moment that I will see your ship again and that eventually we will master the camera and get a more detailed picture.  I want to say at this time that it was wonderful when everyone was with us during our Amiable Holiday.  It was powerful and I thank you so much for your being there.  Thanks again and I send my love.


Helena:  Oh, my dear one.  Your thoughts and feelings are reciprocated.  Know that the clarity that you are experiencing now, both in thought and vision and perhaps hearing; in fact, all senses are heightened.  It was one of the gifts that you received.  It may be a good idea to share this with the others who attended and ask if they are experiencing new attributes.  Even a minute difference will be confirmation of gifts received.


This has happened for both of you.  We acknowledge that Zilanthrah has spoken recently of changes that she feels also.  For the others, if you do not feel changes yet, please, we ask you to keep the thought regarding gifts received in your mind and as the thought comes to you, you will become more aware of changes occurring.  Know that these changes can be emotional, mental and physical, for there are many different ways for the physical to release.  Z & Z may share with you some of the physical symptoms that they experienced after the gathering, if they wish. 


We also recommend digital equipment.  All you require to do is form the intention, be outdoors with your digital camera or video camera.  If it is in your intent that we appear so that you may get another shot, we will be at the ready, for it is indeed high time to share us with the world.  We acknowledge our appearance on some of your photos, here is more “proof” or “signs”  that we did indeed attend Amiable Holiday.


And yes, just that little change of perspective in your reality makes a world of change for you, does it not? (referring to an earlier message thru Zoltair)


Z:  Yes it does.  I am grateful for it.


H:  We acknowledge your gratitude, Zoltair and we thank you.  Keep this in mind, that this is all it takes.  Be aware of this and more will come for you. 


We see such gatherings taking place all over the world.  These gatherings also bring gifts for the individuals.  Wherever two or more are gathered in the name of the most High One, miracles do occur and miracles shall continue to occur.  With love in your hearts, anything is possible.  We wish you to know that the events to come are closer than ever before.  There is always much occurring energetically.  Humans are experiencing physical, mental and emotional challenges like never before. Know that all is well.  You have not much longer of your earth time before things really begin to pop and fizz.


Zoltair:  Can I give you a hug, Helena?


H:  Yes, Zoltair you can give me a big hug. 


(Zoltair embraces Zilanthrah)


H:  That is a sweet divine embrace.  I thank you and the crew thank you.  One day soon, we will be able to do this with identical vibration.  For now, human to energy will have to do.  We feel your love and we thank you.


Zee:  Thank you Helena, we will share your message with everyone.


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