Oct 23

Message # 52


HELENA on Landing in Alberta


Received through Zilanthrah 

July 11, 2009



My dear ones, rejoice and celebrate, for you have earned it.  The days that you have spent with one another have caused celebration for us, for truly we see group unity.  We honor you for your ways. 


We wish you to know that we, indeed, were in your presence.  There have been many in your presence from the very beginning and there are still many all around you. 


There was a gift given to each of you.  There were specific individuals who chose to bequeath these gifts to you, as you were all gathered around in unity consciousness.  Each one received a unique gift.  Each gift is unique in the way that it is specifically suited for each individual.  These gifts are connected with the activation of codes that include the Star Languages and also the adjustment or boosting of the pineal to allow your visual scope to open. Some were wishing to see the craft appear in front of them as if a vehicle might appear by driving in.  We honor each and every one’s intentions and we observe that each one’s level of reality or how things should be are all different and all unique.


I will tell you that this is a good combination for a gathering, as each one holds unique talents, skills and attributes.  Know however, that there will come a time when a group shall gather here and they shall see a shuttle land.  They shall all see it with their human eyes. 


As we stepped forth to each one of you, we reached out a hand to touch the top of your head.  This is how each received the gift.  The majority of you will be aware of the change soon and will acknowledge that this is part of the gift that you have received. 


There has been much rejoicing and celebrating here regarding the gathering.  What you are observing in your photos, what you are observing in the skies are real.  This is what we called earlier “signs” or “proof” and yes, the pulsing of the craft is geared to activate all that lies within.  It will make your connection to Spirit feel stronger, allow for greater discernment individually and allow you to walk taller with higher spiritual esteem and spiritual confidence.  It is part of your spiritual maturation.


Although you have seen us with your own eyes, anyone who views us on the screen will also be touched.  Look to the skies when you are outdoors in the night, for you will see many beautiful things.  This is  only the beginning for you. 


There is a vortex here and there will be more landings here. 


Zoltair:  Thank you, Helena.


Helena: And yes, we will meet. All will see us.  As consciousness raises, people will become more open and accepting.  I commend you all for your allowance and acceptance, for this is truly how a group works in Heaven.  Just allow.  And just be.


(Zoltair tones)


Helena:  Thank you, Zoltair.  We feel the resonance.  And so do the others.  You may call it ‘on the up and up’ as your tones travel up through the higher frequencies.  We all send you love.


You may tell the others that if so guided, they may hold their own gatherings with the same intention in mind.  This will assist more openness for them so that they may see it as a form of practice that mirrors to them what their reality really is.  They will learn much from this experience.  It may be done individually or in pairs, however you are guided. 


Those who stepped to each of you wish to inform you that they are honored to have done so. 


Now that we have drawn close to our earth family, it shall remain so.  Each time that we are in your thoughts, a closer bond is formed. 


Please share with all members of the gathering that we walk with them every day.  Remember to ask.  Remember to keep an open mind and an open heart.  We thank you for your faith and we acknowledge your service and your realities.  Are there any questions?


Zoltair:  I was ready to say “why hasn’t the Ford Falcon landed here on the landing pad” but can’t think of a good question. 


Helena:  We only wish to touch base to let you know that we are here, both on your grass and in the skies.  As we pulse and blink, we truly are delighted when you wave back to us.


Zoltair:  Is it because of our binds and constraints that we really don’t react in a way that is appropriate?  I am thinking that for some reason or another, it could have come off better.


Helena:  Oh, dear one, here you go.  Here are your, as you would term, expectations.  Is this not a good learning experience for you?


Zoltair:  Yes it is.


Helena:  It is not only a good learning experience for every one of you, it is a learning experience for us as well.  We understand human nature even better and regardless, or rather, because of individual realities, we honor and love you dearly.


The answer lies within.  You understand and know full well. Your reality is unique and perfect for yourself.  Through this learning experience will your reality shift, if even just a little.  Do you understand?


Zoltair:  Yes.


Helena:  Will this suffice?  As you put one foot in front of the other, is it not a learning experience in each step?


Zoltair: Yes, it is.


Helena:  All of you who express ease and grace are to be commended.  For those who cannot express ease and grace, it is their reality and correct for them, for they will get there when the time is appropriate.  It is a leaning experience for them so that they may grow and expand. 


As you develop heightened senses, it will become easier.  Know that there are craft in your skies on a regular basis.  Now that you have seen these craft with your own eyes, it opens your awareness so that you consciously will look at the skies.  We have been here for many years and many do not see us.  You have seen us and will continue to do so.  It is a matter of opening and remaining open to the 5th dimension. 


We here on the Capricorn salute you and wish you to know that in the healings that took place, there were many of us participating from the medical department on the Capricorn.  There were others participating from other ships as well. 


And we give thanks and we honor those who lent their healing energies with love and gratitude, for it is the compassion of the kind loving hearts that heal.  It is imperative that human consciousness – the love of the human – be involved to create and assist with the healing.


Zoltair:  How long do we have to wait?


Helena:  As far as waiting for events, it is simple and you know it.  Create your own Heaven on Earth and live within that belief system.  And whatever you do, enjoy yourself rather than waiting.  Enjoy the journey.


Look to the skies before you take your bedtime. Open your mind. Open your heart, for we are here waving to you.  And remember what a delight it is to us when you wave back at us. 


Zoltair:  Love you.


Helena:  And we love you all.  Over and out.

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