Oct 23

Message # 51




Received through Zilanthrah

June 30, 2009


I greet you Zilanthrah.  I greet the Amiable Holidayers.  I am aware that you have questions and I am pleased that I may answer them.

What is your first question please.


Z:  Thank you Helena.  Do you recommend a specific or certain day or time of day for our intention of manifesting a shuttle landing during our Amiable Holiday gathering?


H:  I see that the times are being discussed and up in the air at present.  I advise that you hold your collective manifesting during day time.  A shuttle that you might manifest is capable of entering your reality at any time, however we wish that all of you participating be as alert and well rested as possible.  Perhaps the day may be spent discussing and lending your energies to the focus of a landing.  And after a rest period, your manifesting shall take place. 


When you schedule a day and time you may relay the information on to me.  We shall follow a format together.


You may all work together around the chosen landing site and perform a ritual that you are guided to do.  This will keep the energy clear and raised.  Please allow this to be one of the first things that you do as a group.  You may also gather around the landing site daily as you are guided, to focus on the spot and to visualize a landing occurring.  I will put thoughts in Zilanthrah and Zoltair’s heads so that they might come up with a meditation that will serve all.


Z:  Thank you Helena.  Are you aware of our plans to shoot video and take photos and if so, will you please comment regarding our plans.


H:  I am happy to do so.  Yes, we are aware of these plans.  We are aware of all of the plans and preparations being made and it pleases us.  We commend your plans for videotaping as well as still shot photography.  Please proceed with these.  We commend the lads who are creating these plans and for wishing to share their knowledge. This will be excellent practice for all participants and new things will be learned.  Please be aware that any and all video and photos taken during your gathering, especially of a craft appearing, are to be infused with our energy.  This means that there will no doubt for anyone developing photos or examining videotape; that they are in fact bona fide and true.  And please do not concern yourselves with anything that is not of the positive, especially your ability to manifest.


A fine group of radiant Lightworkers shall be gathered for a monumental experience.  Know that we are honored to be participants in your manifestation abilities.  I am Captain Helena and I will be personally, and with my crew available to appear before you. 


Please allow yourselves to be in a meditative state and reach the highest vibration that you are able to.  Have your minds clear and your minds and hearts focused on the fact that you are grand co creators in this universe and that you are capable of miracles. 


There will be many invisible beings with you to assist.  Your individual guides and angels will also assist energetically.  Zoltair, you may relay during your preparation for landing your landing site coordinates.  You may begin to relay them to us now and during the days to come.


The crew of the Capricorn and our craft, the Goshawk are joyous with anticipation of our landing at Amiable Holiday.


Do you have another question?


Z:  Oh yes, I almost forgot.  This question is regarding Amiable Contact that will occur world wide.  Will I or anyone else be receiving information from the ETs who are participating with Amiable Contact regarding a  need for each Amiable Contact to be aware of who will be landing at their site?


H:  There are several Amiable Contacts who are matched with specific ETs.  However, at this time, it is not required to know at present and you will be provided sufficient information regarding Amiable Contact.  For now, please focus on your upcoming gathering.  Think about it often and visualize regularly.  Keep as positive as you are able, be happy, have fun and laugh in the coming days that lead up to your gathering.  Attempt to do the same during your time together.  We will be near you and guiding you.  Please remember this and be aware at all times that we are with you and giving you insight and direction.


Do you have another question?


Z:  I do not have another question at this point, Helena.  I give you thanks from all of us who will be gathering.  We all have the greatest respect for you and your crew and your craft and the deepest desire to manifest your landing.  We will all be thrilled beyond description if you were to appear to us, is this a possibility?


H:  Ah, you did have another question.  Anything is possible, dear hearts.  If this is what you wish to manifest, then by all means, begin now.  I am unable to say whether you will see me with your human eyes, however, know that if this is your intention, I will be there. 


This is a joint effort between you and us.  And we continue to tell you that we do everything that we are able to assist.  We cannot interfere with anyone’s reality, however we know your intention and your intention is also our intention. 


Our intention is to allow you to use your intention to manifest our craft appearing and landing before your very eyes.  Our intention is to honor your reality and to appear and land before you.  And to greet every one of you. 


Most importantly, attain and maintain the perspective of your intent.  Also attain and maintain a reality that serves to uplift and uphold yourselves.  Do not become involved with any drama and if it so happens that drama comes your way, do not collude with it.  Keep your thoughts light.


Is this sufficient?


Z:  Yes, dear Helena.  Thank you very much.  We all love you.


H:  And I you.  Blessings to you all.  We will speak soon.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions.


Z:  Thank you, we will.

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