Oct 23

Message # 50




Received through Helen Engel

July 5, 2009



“When the leaves bust forth on a twig, you know that summer is nigh.  When my people begin to come together in groups, you may know that great changes are upon us.  The formation of groups is the next important step in your evolvement as people of God.   This is a peaceful progression from single holiness to group holiness.  Group holiness begins with a desire to be together and to work together.  This is also the time of surrender of self to the combined good of all.


          “I am aware of your growth as a team and I am pleased.  I have asked the entire Angelic Kingdom to make the path clear for you, to remove whatever debris remains and to bring you all into the ONENESS.  Oneness means oneness of purpose, oneness of intent.  What is your intent?  If your intent is to serve the Universal Oneness, through the Oneness of your group, you will achieve all of your goals.


          “In the next few days many will come forth on my behalf to guide you on this, your next step to Divine Achievement.  Be at peace daily and know that we are with you. 


“I am the one who comes, I am the Messiah.”

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