Oct 23

Message # 49


Reginald from Jupiter


Received through Zilanthrah

June 25, 2009



I am Reginald and I hail from the planet Jupiter in the Universe of Nebadon.  I am communicating regarding Amiable Contact.  Our shuttle craft, entitled Jupiter I will be participating with Amiable Contact.


We wish to greet our Earth brethren in fellowship, as we have history with you.


Many of you were once inhabitants of Jupiter in peaceful times.  However, peace was lost when warring factions entered our Solar System with dark intention.  We were forced to defend ourselves and others came to our aid, which furthered the wars.  Planet Jupiter was targeted with weapons which caused grave results.  The consciousness of Jupiter was deeply affected and the planet existed for some time in an aura of trauma and shock because of the assault upon her and her inhabitants.


Much time passed before the wars ended.  Jupiter only recently was able to heal through cosmic events that were designed to restore her to her former self.  Peace and Harmony have reigned since.


We are a gentle, loving and compassionate civilization.  Our people have an extended lifetime compared to yours.


Some of our inhabitants were some of your esteemed inventors and sophisticated in the art of healing methods.  Technologically we are highly advanced and are able to manifest instantaneously.


All who dwell here are of the highest intention.  We honor all life universally and are among those who will be present post Contact.  We have many teachers who wish to be present on Earth when it becomes commonplace for us to walk among you.  We have the wonders of the universe at our disposal to share with you.


We are among those who wish to assist with the cleansing of your planet.  When you dwell at last in an environment that is pure, all else will fall into place.  You will be able to receive and express the gifts that you carry within as second nature.


You are human merging with Spirit.  We appreciate your integrity and determination for you have faced arduous challenge after challenge in your journey of human merging with spirit.  You have done exceptionally well and we look forward to greeting you, our dear brethren.

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