Oct 23

Message # 48


TEMPAS of The Pegasus Constellation


Received through Zilanthrah

June 23, 2009



Greetings in the Light.  We greet all earthlings.  We are from a planet that is thousands of light years from Earth, by your measurements.


We are in the Pegasus System and are happy to announce to you that we may be participating with Amiable Contact. It is with great respect and admiration that we introduce ourselves to our human family.


Eons ago we were willing participants who brought the inhabitants of another planet to Earth.  Life for them would be a new beginning on this beautiful gem of a planet, a planet that offered everything necessary to sustain life.  At this time there was life present on Earth that was a varied multitude of creatures which included a great variety of ancient mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles.


Those who were brought here voluntarily resembled human, but not entirely.  They were not highly advanced but were highly intelligent.  They followed a code of sovereignty with respect for one another and for all life.  They realized that they might begin a civilization that would dwell permanently on Earth.  They arrived with virtually nothing with the intention of creating all that they required by hand and community.


We observed from afar and did not intervene or communicate, however we were the ones who assisted with their travel and their plans to colonize a new planet.  They were not aware if others resided on Earth. 


Eventually there were many communities of adults, children and extended family.  Time progressed, homes were built with the hearth as the center.  These beings were vegetarian, fruigivore, herbivore and carnivorous.


Their home planet had been experiencing both internal and external cataclysm for many, many years.  For various reasons, we were not able to assist to shift the planet into balance.  Therefore it was decided by the inhabitants to seek a new home planet.  It is not our way to intervene, however an exception was made.  Our people came to the aid of these ones.  Earth was chosen as a planet where life could be sustained by it’s abundance of resources.


Unaware of an inhospitable faction of marauding renegades who are not unlike your pirates of old, tragedy occurred.  Before we were able to assist the earthlings, these space pirates were able to forcibly kidnap many of the inhabitants.  Those who objected and attempted to defend themselves perished.  Most were taken prisoner.  They had no weapons, as there was no need.  They were no match for the renegades. 


When we attempted rescue, we were fired upon.  In the skirmish, many of us perished.  We were outnumbered.  The earthlings were taken to an unknown place.  We returned to our home planet and although a search was launched, the kidnapped earthlings were never found. 


These beings were originally from a planet known as Haldon, which eventually was devastated, as it had become completely out of balance.


As our race evolved and expanded in consciousness, we realized that it had not been our place to interfere in the beginning.  As we developed spiritually, our intention of brotherly love and peace among all beings became our entire existence.  Like you, we climbed the ladder of ascension.  We graduated to the 5th dimension where we exist in truth, brotherly love and peace.


It is our intention to participate in Amiable Contact.  It will be our pleasure in the time of post Amiable Contact to be some of those who share our knowledge.  We have very competent beings who are healers, however this is just one of the many technologies that we wish to share with mankind.


You are on the brink of a shift that can be described as a movement toward balance and aligning with your true selves.  As occurred for us, an incomprehensible opening of the heart and mind is just around the corner for you.


We too experienced the challenging times of ascension.  Know that we cheer you on as we applaud your journey as a civilization toward ascension.


We are from the solar planet of Pegasus.  Our Mothership that is in orbit above and with your Earth is called The Victory.  We are amongst the gathering of ships around your atmosphere and we gather ever closer as the time draws nearer for events that will bring us closer to our Amiable Contact. 


I am known as Tempas and I am our chief communicator for the Amiable Contact Project.

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