Oct 23

Message # 47


A Lesson from Andromeda


Launching the Neurological Encoding



Received through Helen Engel

November 6, 2008


Released June 19, 2009




H:  I am rested, and wish to contact Pleiades, Andromeda, Jupiter, and Nibiru.



H:  Helen Engel calling Euclid.



E:   Come in Helen Engel.



H:  [I have a generator crystal on my crown, with point directed forward.  My left foot is on a salted damp cloth on a milky quartz crystal designated as Andromeda, my right foot is designated as Pleiades.  A Jupiter crystal is on desk to my right, Nibiru nearby also on my right.  A large natural quartz cluster is on the desk at my left.  This arrangement is for me personally, as the Central Telepathic [Interplanetary] Communications System has devised one particular circuitry that matches what has been altered in my makeup.  In an earlier message the Starship Commander from Andromeda remarked:



We encode our electronic systems with your circuitry.  You need not do that.  Your circuitry matches the electronic circuitry that we have devised.  This has been accomplished because we are very much aware of your own private circuitry.



That “private circuitry” is probably the Urim and Thummim, which was installed in October 2004 by Einstein and Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn.  This consists of part of the back tissue in my cranium being crystallized to form something like a satellite dish (the Urim), to receive encoded light beams and direct them to a tiny computer chip suspended from my pituitary gland (the Thummim).  The Thummim decodes the light beams and directs them to my brain.  The process of transferring incoming thought to words is done by the Thummim, thus making my transcripts accurate, because my brain does not get in the way.  There is also a small implant on one side of my head (I forget which side) that assists the Urim to direct signals to the Thummim.  Urim and Thummim form a receiving and transmitting instrument that was used by Abraham and other biblical figures.  It was also used by Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church.  The instrument that was provided to Joseph Smith consisted of two special crystals, one was convex and the other slightly conical.  The implants in my head duplicate the Urim and Thummim.  They are a gift from Creator, and I am advised that they will remain with me for the rest of my life.  They are not visible to the human eye.]



In earlier messages I mentioned a quartz cluster weighing about 3 pounds, with 20 naturally grown quartz points forming the cluster.  It has been programmed as my generating station.  It is now also my receiving station.  I have not been advised how a quartz cluster can be programmed to be both a generating and receiving station. However, since I personally receive and transmit, it must be possible to program a crystal to do that also.  In 2007 and 2008 I used this cluster to project Telepathic Light Beam messages outward to the Cosmic Crystal Etheric Lattice. 



In my earlier communications with Jupiter, I typed messages that I received from them via ordinary channeling.  Following that, I read the typed words one by one, and using the third eye light beam method, sent the message out.  In the session just previous to this one, I was taught to communicate with Pleiades, Andromeda, Jupiter and Nibiru using the quartz cluster as a generator.  On that occasion the Fleet Commander from Andromeda remarked,



This is a momentous occasion for us.



Perhaps this is the first time that Telepathic Light Beam Technology or the Language of Light has been used with a light worker on earth for this type of transmission.  I am expanding my description of this the technique, so that others will become aware that this is possible, with the assistance of the Central Communications Center at Pleiades.



In the most recent message from Andromeda I was instructed to use the crystal cluster generator to telepathically beam my message to them.  That was a first. 



This is my second occasion to use this hookup method.  On the first occasion I remarked:



I become aware that my entire neurological system is being used as a connecting link between Jupiter and the massive milky quartz crystal labeled JUPITER.  I recall a sketch of a central round part of the nervous system that looks like an octopus, with tendrils moving out in about 20 directions.  All of my nodes and electrical wires have become receivers of information that passes through my hands to the JUPITER crystal, as I hold it gently in my lap. 



On this occasion today, I will be receiving encoded messages from the JUPITER crystal.  


For telepaths who will consider this process, I would stress taking time to allow the entire neurological system to be used as a connecting link between Jupiter and the massive milky quartz crystal labeled JUPITER (or whatever system you are guided to use).  This may take one or two minutes, especially at the beginning, because the human body is unfamiliar with the process and will resist slightly.



For about 10 years I have known a light worker in Winnipeg, Canada.  In another lifetime she and two other women were high priestesses in Tibet.  They found each other in this lifetime and have devoted the last nine years welcoming new light workers to their “Sanctuary” in Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba, Canada.  Through the Brotherhood of Light and Laughter, a branch of the Great White Brotherhood, they have been advised that they may also reach other planets.  I believe that this is the group that the Andromedan Star Fleet Commander referred to when he stated,



We are on the cusp of a great breakthrough.  Others with abilities similar to yours have already agreed or acquiesced to assist. 



The message that we bring is that because we are much nearer, and have prepared our systems, it will now be possible for a certain group of Earthlings to communicate with us.  These are the humans of pure intent, and those who are filled with joy.



I have expanded my preamble for the sake of other telepaths, in case they will be guided to learn and teach the telepathic technique of Telepathic Light Beam Communication or The Language of Light.  This e-mail can go to your light worker friends, in the hope that telepaths with advanced skills will attempt to master the process, and thus hasten the information-receiving process from Andromeda, Jupiter and Nibiru.



On the first occasion my energies I reached the Andromedan Fleet Commander.  On this occasion I shall attempt to reach Jupiter, which is more familiar territory.



H:  Euclid, are you still with me?



E:  I am here. [Euclid is a computer on Pleiades that was made available to me in 2004 as a permanent standby connection to the Pleiades Central Communications Center.  My station is called Earth Central Communications Center.  Hopefully, in future other Earth stations will connect with me.  Being a computer, Euclid does not mind waiting.]



H: Please connect me with the Pleiades Central Communications Center, and from thence to Jupiter.



H: I slump, go into slow deep nothingness. An energy from Pleiades enters my fingers through the Internet, and my entire nervous and electrical systems are energized.  (I was advised that I have the personality, will and intent to serve, but being a senior, my physical body is deteriorating and is becoming more and more of a hindrance for Light Beam communication.  It is temporarily rejuvenated by the burst of energy from Pleiades.  This energizing and rejuvenation has been performed on me on many occasions, and is actually a healing.)



H: Helen Engel calling Jupiter.


Jupiter:  Come in, we are connected.



H:  I greet you with joy.  I am placing one hand on the quartz cluster and one hand on the Jupiter crystal.  Please advise if the circuitry is complete.




H: [Oh I see.  I slump in order to close down all brain circuitry.  I place my hands on the quartz cluster and on the Jupiter crystal in order to energize the entire nervous system in my body (not including the brain.)  This is a neurological connection, not a brain or thought connection.  Unfortunately I did not study biology and do not know the medical terminology.  My nervous system receives the encoded Telepathic Light Beam messages.  A huge number of messages are encoded into my neurological system in a few seconds.



The next step is for me to send a thought message to my brain, directing it to decode the encoded telepathic light beam message. I WILL that my brain decode the message that is now within my neurological system.  This is the decoded message, as my fingers have transcribed:



Jupiter:  Yes we are here.  We thank you most sincerely for attempting to make this connection, and to do this very advanced type of telepathic communication.  Please be aware that we encoded a great deal of information into your neuro reservoirs in an instant. Your brain or thought systems can now decode or regurgitate the messages in their own time and at their own speed.



This is the important lesson that we wished to send you today.  At a later time you will be decoding the messages that are installed within you.



That is all for today.  Please rest.



H:  [Perhaps this is how the animals and birds are being encoded to love each other.  The photos appearing on the Internet signify a magnificent change in their behavior.]




November 6, 2008

Helen Engel



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