Oct 23

Message # 46






Received through Zilanthrah  

June 18, 2009



I greet you with Joy.  We are a jovial species who express joy through movement, much like your dancing.  We enjoy ritual and have many reasons for celebrations.  We enjoy large gatherings, like one clan gathering with another.  We live in communities and each one has a specific line of work.


Our main concentrated endeavor is Astronomy.  We research and record the movement of planetary bodies in your solar system.  We are able to gauge how one planetary body’s movement will affect the entire solar system and also how the moons movements will affect them. These planetary bodies are each likened to your chakra system.  The planetary bodies are the chakras of the solar system.


Our planet is surrounded by what you would consider great beauty, although it appears to your scientists completely different. It is surrounded by a conscious energetic swirling rainbow of colors.  This is how our sky appears to us.  Your planet is one of great beauty and diversification.  Our planet is one of beauty also.  The surrounding rainbow of color creates hues that dance and reflect on our planet.  Therefore, everything is constantly changing color.  It is a lovely sight to gaze upon and be surrounded by and reminds us in each moment how wonderful change and diversity are. 


We are able to manifest instantaneously although with the reflection and coloration of all things here, we prefer the natural beauty that is our environment.


We are of a very peaceful countenance and Unconditional Love is our most important objective.  It is a way of life for us and we cannot imagine any other way.  We are very amiable with one another and feel that each one who dwell here are family. 


We are males and we are females.  We have youngsters if we choose.  As we are able to live very long lifetimes, we have much time to choose parenthood.  We regard raising youngsters very seriously and feel that the more wisdom that we have taken on, the better able we are to provide love and guidance for youngsters.  Becoming a parent on our world is regarded as an honor and a privilege.  When there is an infant born in a community, great celebration and ritual take place.  All in the community are regarded as family and each community member play a part in caring for and guiding youngsters.  It is like one big extended family who are all very happy all of the time.


We rarely become imbalanced.  On a rare occasion if this should occur, the one who is not feeling just right approaches the community.  Their thoughts are shared with everyone.  On most occasions, the input of love and direction from the community serves to bring one back into complete alignment.  Although we exist through the Will of Creator, we too have our own will.  However, our individual and our collective focus remains always on living a life of peace, harmony, joy and brotherhood for the greater good.  We have lived with this reality for a long time and we recommend it to anyone who would like to know.


We will be participating in Amiable Contact and we look forward to greeting you, our Star Family.  We wish you to know that when each of you meets your space brethren that you will receive a gift.  This gift is an energetic gift.  What this means is that you will each take on some of our energy; uplifting energy that raises your consciousness and serves to connect us as Family.  We look forward to the time when we will be   able to dwell comfortably among you and serve together with the aim of creating a world of wonder.  Earth will become the newest jewel in this universe and many from other planets are excited about becoming emissaries who will work with you in the capacity of guidance about many things.  We know many things that will serve to bring new and wonderful ways for your growth and the growth of your planet.  Earth is to become as the garden of Eden, as she was originally, in a pure and healthy state.


We appear much as a human appears.  There are differences in our anatomy.  Internally we are somewhat different.  We have digestive systems that we are able to use if we choose to.  On occasion we take the notion to manifest something that we might have come across in our learning which we can ingest and digest, however our digestive systems function differently than yours.  The experience of taste in a higher dimension is exquisite.  Most species have differences as far as organs, nervous systems, circulatory systems and brain systems.  It is hard for you to conceive of this, as you are in density and our forms are lighter, therefore everything about our physical bodies is different.  When we are able to gather together for periods at a time, this will be something that you will learn about. 


We are aware that you are very curious about extraterrestrials.  We feel that the subject of our bodies, our minds and everything else about us will intrigue you and at the same time bring you deep fulfillment.  As we are connected to and come from the same Source, we are all family.  We are just a bit different and isn’t that a marvelous part of Divine Diversity of Life in the Universe?  We believe that it is an honor to be different.  It keeps life very interesting, does it not?


I am Neta and I greet you as a representative from my home world of Osiris.  You will be able to spot our planet if you look closely at a map of the Milky Way and find our constellation.  And we acknowledge that you will indeed do so.  We are proud to play a role in AC and we thank you for forming the wonderful Amiable Contact Project. 


We love you all unconditionally.





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