Oct 23

Message # 45



Before sitting to record the message, I experienced a feeling of urgency and something that I can only describe as regret or sadness.





Received through Zilanthrah

June 17, 2009



Greetings, citizens of Earth.  I am humbled that I am allowed to transmit.  Please know that anyone who does so is of the highest vibratory nature and connected to All That Is.


I dwell on the planet Aldebaron.  Some of you are aware of the history that I helped to create.  I, as well as others who dwell here, took part in the history of Earth around 400,000 years ago.


We were the ones who came from the planet that orbits the farthest from your sun.  We had choices through Free Will and we chose our destiny, although there were those in positions of power who made the decisions for all.  This is not to say that all of our practices were Divinely guided as we deemed ourselves as Gods and set ourselves up and apart from humans.


I wish you to know that not all of us from Niburu who came to dwell upon the Earth were the same in our intention and our conscience.  In fact, there were some of us who chose to leave because we could no longer fathom the events taking place on your planet as well as the in-fighting, which frightened us.  Some of us had participated in our God like reality and some were not drawn into participating.  None of us spoke out or protested for a long time.  However, when we were witness to the destruction and devastation that eventually occurred, we could no longer in good conscience reside in a place where innocent humanity was perceived as pawns and play things.


Being able to manifest very quickly with our scientific and biological aids, we raised ourselves up on the pedestal through arrogance and ego.  You may say we were somewhat carried away.  It took many centuries   on Aldebaron for us to understand that this was our destiny and our divine birthright to follow, as the choice was made and events set in place.


Those of us who protested and refused to join the games were banished.  Some of us began to live among humans and some chose to leave Earth.  For those of us who chose to leave, we spent much time in our craft undecided about options, for we thought that we would not be welcome anywhere because of our actions on Earth.


Eventually, after much pondering and soul searching, we decided to enter the system where Aldebaron is located.  We eventually landed and settled here.  Although there was not a large population here, we were   recognized.  We were given clearance to land, approached immediately upon arrival and taken to a secure place.  We spent many, many years pondering our actions and intentions.  We carried the guilt of our civilization for many, many years.  Because we knew the difference between right and wrong, we were treated with a certain amount of respect because we had turned away from the horror of Earth to the light.  We were allowed the opportunity to, what you might call, redeem ourselves. 


We began by participating as part of society by tasks we were given.  Proving ourselves took time.  However, we were accepted as part of the society on Aldebaron.  Those overseeing our progress were of a high vibratory nature and their connection to All That Is ensured that this was indeed our destiny.  Some of our tasks included helping others here, as well as our own learning which consisted of embracing Universal Laws and practicing them.  Although we have evolved in our enlightenment, we carried the karma of our peoples for century upon century.  It was our choice to release our guilt and shame and some did better than others to release these horrible feelings.  We were allowed to use Free Will in due time and this was when we were truly able to shake our past history and be allowed to live each moment in Love and in Light.


We have knowledge of Earth’s history from its inception.  This was part of the program we were deemed to follow as well as something we chose, so that when the day came when we were able to give back to those whom we had harmed, we would be prepared.  It is our way of restitution and we desire deeply that we be accepted by you so that we may truly become reconnected.  It is our intent that we become brothers and sisters united under our Creator of All That Is.


We fully turned to the Light and have lived following the Love and Light of All That Is.  We were granted positions as Workers for the Light and have served for millenia.  We observe and record all that is experienced on Earth.  Your progress is acknowledged and celebrated by us and by countless other civilizations.


Our Councils here on Aldebaron have given clearance for us to participate in Amiable Contact.  However, it is our decision that we make this request of you in the Amiable Contact Project.  We feel that we are obliged to receive your permission.  We do not wish to rock anyone’s boat and if there are any who may be ill at ease with our participation, we apologize.


We ask that you discuss with one another and when concensus is reached, please transmit to us of your decision.  Please know that we are honored to be considered as Amiable Contacts.  Please know also, that a meeting between us of Aldebaron and Earth will serve to bring the energy of harmony.


We await your decision in the Unity of Love, Light, Peace and Brotherhood of our Father/Mother God.



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