Oct 23

Message # 44


METHUSELAH … Cataclysm and the Grand Plan


Received through Zilanthrah

June 15, 2009



Can you feel the charge in every atom?  The air is full of charged energy.  It is the energy of the Grand Shift; the Grand Shift that has started and is unstoppable.  We of the other realms brim with Joy for our dear human angels.  This is a time for rejoicing.


You are on the cusp, dear ones, of remembering who you truly are.  You are teetering on the verge.  Allow yourselves to fall and to fly into the Light of Creator with an open heart that will fill with the Love that is you.


You wonder about the cataclysms predicted.  Please do not allow yourselves to see catastrophe or cataclysm as that perspective.  We ask that you see these things as part of the Grand Divine Plan.  Know that Mother Earth must shift to rearrange herself; to align herself with the energy that surrounds her and the energy that dwells within her.  For the Grand Shift to occur, she must harmonize with the matrix of All That Is. 


The energy of the Grand Plan contains cataclysm occurring on Earth as a possibility.  This event we see as potentially occurring soon.  From our perspective, we do not transmit numbers as we cannot do so with complete conviction.  So we tell you to continue to hold peace, Love, Brotherhood in your hearts and minds.  If and when the cataclysm occurs, all sentient beings on this dear planet will benefit from a mass consciousness that anchors Love and Light; it shall be no other way.  After the event, walk your pathway with courage and conviction, for there will be multitudes in great need of understanding and accepting. 


A cataclysmic event world wide shall solidify humankind as never before.  The debris of negativity shall be swept from every human being, however it is their choice to hold fast to old thoughts or to begin to live a life anew.  And this is where you come in. 


It will be a time for each individual to create a brand new reality.  You may set the example for others by creating a reality that is of a new level.  You learned to drop everything that you learned up to the point where you knew there was a better way to be.  Now you can form a new reality that will serve you and all beings on earth.  Soar with your thoughts, let your imaginations run wild.  See sunshine and rainbows in each of your days.  See brotherly love, neighbor helping neighbor.  See what will uplift all.


The light in each one’s eyes will be sparkling anew and each one will recognize the other for the truth that lies within them.


This is the time you know as separating the wheat from the chaff.  Know that in whatever form this takes that it is a necessity and will transform all things.


Behold – for a new world is birthing; one that will glow as a jewel in the Heavens.  We are reaching out with both hands extended and our embrace is for you.


Father/Mother God is closer to you than ever.  We are in your heart of hearts.  You have nurtured yourselves and are blooming in exquisite beauty. 


Helen has been selected to be the messenger of Creator.  Each of you who communicate our messages are chosen for specific tasks.  Know that when you walk your path to console, guide and heal that we are within you, guiding your every move.  Know that for those who feel un telepathic, we will be within and guiding your every move.  Our voice will be your voice. We have been matched up with our perfect human.  Together we will walk our path and create miracles with our combined co creative abilities.


I Am Methuselah.

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