Oct 23

Message # 43


Message from Heaven


Received through Helen Engel

June 14, 2009




You are chosen. You are chosen to receive my messages, and I say until you:

There will be a calamity.  The evil forces will be overthrown.  Justice will be served.  I place one foot on the water and one foot on the land.  Some lands will be saved.  Some waters will not creep up over the land.  Where the devastation is greatest, I will have great compassion.   When the new dawn rises there will be peace.  All weapons will be destroyed.  Men will return to their families and there will be peace.

I speak unto my light worker army.  Yours is the task of introducing tolerance, forgiveness and reconciliation all over the world.  Do not spend more than 10 days on hate.  Immediately after stasis, set yourselves to care for the needy, and to heal the sick.

My representative to your band is Methusaleh.  Hear him, and do his bidding.  Your rewards will be great in heaven.

This is my message to my people.



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