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Methusaleh Announces Stillness

Received through Heralder Helen Engel

October 20,  2009


Above Earth there is a stillness. Stillness is as perceptible as violence. Stillness has many characteristics. Just before a thunder storm, there is a stillness as cold air descends. Just before sunrise there is a stillness as the night keepers are replaced by the keepers of the dawn. Just before death, the volunteers from the other side take their positions at the head and foot of the one making transition.


We are at a moment of stillness on Earth. During the next few hours, pending silence is upon us. In a few moments the period of silence will begin.


[Note from Helen: We are not told the exact day that this will begin.]


Wrap yourself in stillness, peace, an attitude of subjection to the powers of Nature and the powers of Creator. Within the realm of all devic forces, from the greatest to the smallest, there is submission.


 I am Methusaleh and you are my herald. You will tell your personal group that the stillness is to begin. You may ask Zilanthra to address me, so that this can be confirmed.


I am Methusaleh, one with He Who Comes. I have been elevated. Peace be to you, precious little one. . [He Who Comes is Sananda, who has recently taken on this title.]



Archangel Gabriel Confirms Methusaleh’s Message

Immediately after completion of the above, I heard …..


We are the Angelic Forces who serve. Our period of service is as endless as time. We graciously do the bidding of Creator and those who do the will of Creator. The vast relay of commands, of requests, of questions, of decisions, is also as endless as time. Every major decision is the result of the participation of thousands, whose main purpose in existing is to be at the call of the great hosts.


I am your principal guide, Gabriel. I also am a heralder. I heralded the coming of the infant Jesus. Now I herald the coming of the stillness.


Do not be afraid. Do not prepare, except to prepare for stillness, as if you are retiring for the night. You will be wrapped in timelessness, while time moves on. You will be enshrouded in change, during a period of NO CHANGE. The conundrum is one of Time and Space, which can be manipulated.


When you see the sun reaching the western horizon, you know that soon it will be dusk, to be followed by dark. This is how it will be. I shall be with you when you reawaken.


I am Gabriel, Heralder of the Heralds.


Epiphany (Telepath): Last week, I received a message that during the time at the end of October through Nov 2nd the final time would begin.


Milson Macleod: The last clue that Aton gave was that DAYLIGHT would be extended by FOUR HOURS before the moment that “stasis” was implemented., so dusk would be delayed.



Second Confirmation…


Methuselah on the Stillness


Received through Zilanthrah

October 20,  2009


Yes, it is in your best interest that you receive this message, for we areon a brink of sorts. Wondering if we are relaying information to you with Universal Time or earthly time seems to be a prominent thought among you during these times.


As usual, we do not delineate between the two, however we are acutely aware of the difference between the two. Our reality refers that we utilize space/time. As space/time shifts naturally and goes hand in hand with energy changes both on earth and universally, there is a timeline that adheres and requires to be followed. The extreme but gradual changes in the time and space continuum was set into motion times ago. The expansion of the space/time continuum has quickened. When this occurs, all realities and experiences Universally quickens. We are One; all are included in this experience of the ascension of earth and humanity. Remember, as above, so below. All; and every thing are affected by your sacred experience on earth in physical body.


There is to be an occurrence of great magnitude shortly. Prepare and believe as you prepare for sleep, as your consciousness is very important to the occurrence. Lend as much energy as possible to joy; to the belief that this is indeed occurring shortly; this will quicken manifestation of the event.


We are lending all our energies to this reality of the occurrence. Let us combine our thoughts toward this event. Let us co create together an occurrence that hastens all that you and we have strived for. Know in your heart that your energy, both human and that divine part of you are very powerful. Know that you will be different after the occurrence.


There will be a very important shift occur within Earth herself. Not a molecule in the Universe will be unaffected; all planetary bodies, stars, pulsars, quasars, entities both ET and Celestial will experience a quickening.


This quickening will serve to enable your thoughts to become more powerful, as each cell will be different; all within your bodies will be quickened including your subtle bodies. Even your vision will be affected, both inner and outer. Your visions will become more clear, your words will become more refined. In other words, you will exist as more of the Divinity that you are.


We ask that as you live the stillness, that your thoughts be pure and of joy and celebration. We ask that you feel the Love of Creation in the deepest recesses. This will assist not only you, but the quickening that is to come. Enjoy your day with a sense of serenity and know that All is Well.


I am Methuselah and I will speak again soon.

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