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Message # 19, May 4, 2009

Captain Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn

Received through Zilanthrah

Helena:  I am Helena and I will answer your questions regarding Amiable Contact.  Firstly, let me relay to you that the idea of photos of all Amiable Contacts is an excellent one; it is a wonderful idea to share everyone’s photos.  This way, all Amiable Contacts will make a connection.  Let me remind you that recognition is important on a higher level that will connect you as a group of like-minded individuals and also serve to bring you together in a way that you will recognize one another from past experiences.  Does this not make you wonder?  Know that there is a tie that binds each and every one of you involved with this important project.  This will be for you to discover at the appropriate time.  Let me also say that seeing one another’s photos brings your spirit and your soul joy.  And it does something for each one of us who are involved.

And now for answers to your question regarding infiltration.  I wish you to follow your intuition pertaining to newcomers who show interest.  Remember that this mission of Amiable Contact is divinely designed.  Your discernment is well developed and following your intuition in this matter is good practice.  You may surprise yourselves as to your decisions and choices.  I will say that if there is a grain of doubt, please confer with one another.  Asking for references will be very time consuming.  Remember that we do not wish frustration or struggle for any of you.  New inquirers might come from skeptics or critics; however, we are not only guiding you, we guide the whole project.  If you have any doubts about an enquirer, there may be a reason for it.  Check with the group members, work together and follow your intuition.  It will be learning experience for all concerned.  And know that the populace who show interest are also divinely guided and are following their intuition.  Any weeding out that might occur shall occur with ease and grace. Does this answer your question? Z:  Yes, thank you for that, it is a great help.  I see that we should not overly concern ourselves with might-be infiltrators and follow our intuition.  How will we know? Helena:  When you read the information on a prospective Contact, connect with your intuitive ability before reading.  Likewise, if someone writes a message showing interest in becoming a Contactee, you will interpret from their message.  Do you have doubts? Z:  My only true concern is doing this properly so that the project turns out perfectly, as it should. H:  I suggest that each Contactee visualize the landing occurring while holding joy in their hearts. The idea to communicate your individual coordinates to us is a good one.  You will be able to memorize them and when you are directed, send your coordinates to us via thought.  Have no expectations other than ones of pure joy and connectedness with us.  This is how we carry the Amiable Contact Project – in our deepest and highest place. Also, the group that has come together to work together making the introductions and forms are doing splendidly.  We commend you and pass along once again, that this is all about ease and grace.  It is wonderful practice for your group and will serve well in your future missions. Z:  Thank you, Helena.

H:  In answer to another question, regarding Zoltair sending the images consciously of individual landing sites, know that one image is sufficient.  Coordinates are actually sufficient for us.  In my last message through Zoltair, I advised that we all know exactly who you are.  We recognize each Contactee, for you carry a special energy that you are marked with.  Remember also, that you each have a team of guides and angels who walk with you.  These ones are in constant awareness and contact with both you and with us in the etheric world.

As the coordinates are sent to us, Zoltair will gaze at the image that corresponds with the coordinates.  Either image will do, whether close up or far away.  The coordinates and the image together will solidify and confirm the area where the landing site is.  Photos are not really required, however we honor your ideas.  As I mentioned earlier, this idea will serve your group better — seeing one another’s eyes does wonders for the soul.  It also serves human curiosity. Know that through this momentous project you are all connected as brother and sisters.  And know that you will receive much more than a greeting from your space brethren, as there are many exceptional gifts to be received.  I do not imply anything concrete, I imply energetic gifts.  This is a concept that means that you will be changed forever, in a very positive, uplifting, supportive and loving manner.

The idea of a bulletin is one that we commend.  This will serve to tie it all together, and will keep the Contactees aware that this upcoming contact between heaven and earth will definitely occur.  Perhaps there is a way to include photos in a bulletin as well as keeping all informed of any new messages. We will continue to direct and guide and provide insight.  Please continue your efforts.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions, we are more than happy to answer them, and to provide guidance.

There are many of us involved.  Feel free to communicate with others, as has already occurred with Sirians.  We encourage you to use your intuitive and telepathic abilities.  Know that there are no limits to what you can learn from us.  We have learned from you that there are multitudes of exceptional humans with great faith and vision.  We have exceptional faith in your actions and your efforts individually and collectively.  If there are no other questions, we take our leave.  We salute you with ease, grace, joy and love. Z:  Thank you kindly, Captain Helena.  You have put us at ease with your loving and supportive guidance.

H:  You are all most welcome.  I urge you to please remember our offer to be of continual assistance.

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