Oct 17

Message # 38, June 11, 2009


Received through Zoltair


I am Zoltair.   My question is:  How can we entice you to land?

Helena:  I hear you loud and clear.  As to your request last evening, to bring your old cohorts Zavi, Ziva, and Qua Sa Ra in on AC, I now hand it over to them.

Vector III:  We have presented the information regarding the landing in Alberta and brought this before various Founders and Commissions within our Councils.  We are the Arcturians who formed the Galactic Federations known to Z & Z as Vector III.  We wish to extend the warmest welcome to the AC Group, whom we have known for many many lifetimes here in Earth probability.  We have been with you in all of your sojourns on all other planets that you have incarnated on.  This may come as a bit of a surprise to you that you are as we are, but are living in duality on many other planets simultaneously.  Can you imagine that?  We send you our love and our support on a moment to moment basis.  We are very proud of your accomplishments.

In conjunction with the Great White Brotherhoods, Lord Sananda/ Methuselah [in union] Christ/ Buddha /Maitreya [in union] Kuthumi, Lord Michael, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Great White Buffalo Calf Woman, Lord Melchizedek, 144,000 Elders and many, many others, even those you have not consciously been in touch with, but who are nevertheless strongly in support of all that you are doing.

So it is entirely up to your group as to which way you are going to conduct this process of creating Heaven on Earth.  It is a process yet to be brought to complete manifestation.  We are completely confident that you are fully and firmly in control of this matter.  We ask you to honor the process and together as a whole, reach a level of like mindedness within which all can agree.  And there you can jointly focus on the task at hand where it is comfortable and all of you with the same intent can raise your vibrational levels to meet ours.

At this new 5th dimensional vibrational level, anything is possible.  You are Masters of transitioning planets. You have vast souls.  These experiences are at your disposal, available to you at any time.  This is enough wisdom to move the earth quickly into ascension status.  So, relax, there are many, many possibilities open to you.  Gather together whenever possible, enjoy your time left here in earth experience.  Celebrate this amazing process.  Just know that we are with you.  We love you all.  This should be enough.  You have but to own this and you will experience complete fulfillment in every now.

With Love, from Home, we are Vector III.

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