Oct 14

Message # 36, June 2, 2009

METHUSELAH  ~ “You are Pillars of Light”

Received through Zilanthrah


There is a flurry of activity occurring. The Divine Plan is moving ahead.  It is important, dear ones, at this time to take care.  Take a deep breath every so often and feel the change in the air.  Feel the charged particles of energy around you.  The cells of humans are pulsing, some in anticipation of change, and for some who are unaware of the Grand Plan.  These ones are not able to integrate this pure energy and feel scattered and confused.  We ask that you hold a space in your hearts for these stray sheep.

With the knowledge that you have gleaned throughout your time as Bearers of Light and with the love that has expanded within you, you are strong pillars of Light rooted deep into the earth.  Your pillars are of the Light and serve as anchors of the new foundation that has been established throughout Earth.  As you receive more energetic vibrations coming through, the pillars become more Light filled and grow even stronger.  A connection throughout Earth has been created to solidify the foundation of Light that you have anchored.  Earth is integrating the Light.

You are the conduits from the heart of Source to the heart of Earth.  As this light energy reaches the core of Earth, it bursts into pulses of Light outward throughout all of Earth into the atmosphere and the ethers.

It is a great service that you do.  This is the pulse of Gaia radiating from her heart in a pulse of starburst.  You are feeling the Love of Spirit anchoring into your heart, just as the Light anchors into Earth.

To us you bring joy, just as a warm summers day brings you joy.  We honor your capabilities and your faith.  Enjoy this time, for you have earned it.  It is yours to do as you wish.  You have walked the good road to becoming enlightened masters.

I am Methuselah.  Peace be with you.

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