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Message # 34, May 31, 2009

Methuselah  –  We Are One

Received through Zilanthrah


I Am Methuselah.  I am here to discourse some simple information regarding Celestials, Extraterrrestrials and human beings.  I speak for both Celestial and Extraterrestrial.

In our transmissions, we acknowledge that We Are One.  We remind you of this on a regular basis so that you will know without a doubt that you are we and that we are you.  Remember from whence you came – Creator Source.  Creator Source is from whence we came.  This is the tie that binds all who dwell in all of Creation.

We are all simply different realities that we have created with the gift of Free Will that Creator has blessed us with.  There are variances in the gift of Free Will, as some entities who are very high up the evolutionary ladder do only the Will of God.  Some have experienced Free Will in other experiences and some have not.  It depends on their individual Divine Mission.  The study of the spiritual hierarchy is a lengthy one.  You do not require the awareness of how it all works, unless it is something that you wish to do to satisfy your own yearning for knowledge.

All of creation is intertwined and interwoven.  We are all part of the integration of the vast mind and heart of Creator.  You, as human beings left the Heart of God to experience life on Earth.  We, as Celestials did the same to experience life as what you know as etheric beings with our mission being to work individually and collectively with our human brethren.  So, we all come from the same Source carrying all levels of individual evolution.  We are all part of the makeup of the Divine Design of God.  We all left with the divine blueprint of god that has always been and will always be an innate part of ourselves.

Just as Sananda, White Buffalo Calf Woman, St. Germain, Angel Leia and the others are an individual expression of Creator, they are also Creator.  Extraterrestrials are expressions of Creator and they are mighty ones who have furthered the evolution of the universe.  They dwell in different frequencies so that they, like you, may experience the various levels of frequencies.  And there are many levels of each dimensional experience.  Extraterrestrials help many other civilizations with their knowledge, wisdom and creations.  Could it be that you are perceived as the extraterrestrials to those who dwell on other planets?

The mechanics of the Divine Plan ensures the highest and utmost of possibilities for all in the Earth experience.  And you are included in the way that each and every one of you is also part of Sananda, White Buffalo Calf Woman, St. Germain, Angel Leia and the other celestials.  You are an angel, you are an ET, you are a celestial, you are an ascended Master.  In your divine blueprint this is carried. You could call it Divine Genetics.  You are an aspect, or a part of us.  We are an aspect, or a part of you.  This is a reason why it is easy for us to accommodate you and you us.  This is a Divine connection that allows for us all to be in constant association.

Some of us have merged collectively.  Some of you have and are merging both individually and collectively with us.  You, as a group have and are merging collectively.  You all individually have divine guides who walk with you in every moment.  Is this not a divine connection that allows you to reach the highest possibilities that a human can?  Perhaps there are connections with your personal guides from other lives, both planetary and off planet.  Perhaps you have the same divine DNA.  Remember that all is interrelated.

This is not to be taken lightly, as it is all in divine order and is something that prepares you for loftier heights in your individual and collective evolution.  The merging allows for us and for you to bring in more energies of the Love, Life and Light of Creator.  It allows each and every being to specialize, so to speak, to become finely honed in order to carry out our individual and collective missions.  And this allows for evolution to further in all aspects of life on earth and life in the universe.  Is it not a grand experience for us all?  It is something to rejoice in for it brings all the gift of the experience of Joy.  You are rising to higher and higher experiences of Joy.  And so are we.  And in this, Unity is created.  Unity Consciousness is created.  It all connects together beautifully in the upcoming Era of Consciousness.  And you are the forerunners in the new Era of Consciousness.

As individuals, we and you carry an innate specific talent to utilize during the Co Creation of Heaven on Earth.  You are aware of how individual Celestials carry certain attributes that enable them to be involved with specific missions on Earth.  It is the same with humans.  The Celestials that you are closely connected with through Divine Design are the ones that most humans are drawn to, so you might say that through being related, they carry the same divine DNA that allows them to work together to achieve a certain goal.  And because of the gift of Free Will and the profound power of thought, we are co creating together Heaven on Earth.

We appear as either a masculine or a feminine energy, however we are all One with God and God is neither feminine or masculine.  God is feminine and masculine and androgynous.  When you are resting in bliss in the bosom of Creator, you are neither masculine nor feminine.  You are All That Is, just as you are All That Is in human form.

This is something that every sentient being in the Universe volunteered for.  Remember the message “Many are Called, Few Are Chosen?”  See all life everywhere as those brave, loving and courageous beings as sthe ones who were called and who volunteered.  A seemingly complicated but glorious plan, is it not?

You may be an Ascended Master who volunteered to become human, so as to awaken after experiencing the limitation of being human and then begin to remember slowly that you are so much more.  Expressing yourselves and Being yourselves is what counts, for you are truly expressing and being the Divinity that you really are.  You are morphing into more of your wholeness.

Indeed, there is much to be said about how this structure works.  And indeed, you do not require to understand the science of it all.  Know that we are all connected in Love, for Love is the highest vibration that there is.  It is the infinitesimal Love of Creator that allows us to be extraterrestrial, human, Ascended Master,  snail,  fairy or a herd of cows.  We truly are ONE.  We are brothers and sisters experiencing different levels and realities of existence.  This is what makes the Grand Plan so honorable and magnificent.

An extraterrestrial as you understand, does not live on Earth.  A celestial, as you understand it lives in the invisible realms.  As difficult as it is to perceive, the invisible realms are within your realm.  All the realms are One in this experience.  This is another topic that will take much time to comprehend and at this stage, is difficult to comprehend.  This knowledge will be presented at the appropriate time, presented with ease and understood with ease.  Your vibrations will have been raised and thus it will become easier to grasp.  And remember that you have this knowledge within you already waiting to be tapped into at the appropriate time, as you are experiencing already.

Extraterrestrials have a great and fond affinity for the human being, as you are bound by the ties of living on a planetary body with the consciousness that desires the best for her inhabitants.  Many ET’s have experienced what you are experiencing and their thoughts to you are always of the highest of blessings and energies.  Their belief system is one that desires that you experience the blessed gifts that they have, right from the experience of limitation to the experience of expression, for they understand that the rewards are great.

Part of you is celestial, part of you is extraterrestrial, part of you is angel.  Part of being an extraterrestrial is celestial and angelic.  Part of being a celestial is extraterrestrial, human, angelic.  We are all aspects of All That Is.  We are all part of Creator experiencing what we have chosen to experience.  We are One.

Let us rejoice in the magnificence and profundity that we are blessed with.  We are all co creators, together working with the same intention.  Your Journeys are headed for Bliss.  And you are the most capable and deserving who will most certainly attain Bliss.  Let us rejoice together!  I Am Methuselah and I bid you a blissful day.

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