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Message # 31, May 27, 2009

Helena Q & A… 2

Received through Zilanthrah

Good day.  I am Captain Helena and I am here to answer questions. Firstly I would like to say that we welcome your questions and are happy to answer them, as they are all valid.  You may begin with the format where Zoltair asks the questions aloud.  We have done this in past and it works well.  Let us proceed.


Zilanthrah:  Thank you Captain Helena.  My first question is from Chris.  She wants to know if she can see you as you really are.  Can you please provide us with more insight on this topic?

H:  I will gladly do so.  The various extraterrestrials that will participate with AC are of varied civilizations.  They have volunteered and been chosen for this important event.  One of the factors taken into consideration is their physical appearance.  There are a myriad of qualifications of the ET’s who will visit you.  Remember that the video and photographs of our greeting one another will be shown to the world.  It is out of necessity that our appearance suit all of the population.  It will alleviate fear about other life that exists in your universe.  For those species who have never greeted a human being, they have been educated about the physical appearance of the human species.

However, there remains a possibility that for some, there may be ET’s who do not have as much humanoid features.  This is all pre planned.  We are aware of each individual Amiable Contact and your talents and attributes, therefore anything is possible.

If you have invited others to join us at your Landing Site, please take into consideration the effect that our appearance might have on them.  In good time, you will experience extraterrestrials in their true appearance.  Some of you already are.  It is all about Divine Timing.

Z:  Thank you.  Art would like to know if God’s Grace Landing Site is acceptable.

H:  We see that Art has developed his intuition well.  Please remember that the Landing Site must be easy to navigate, without any hindrances or obstacles.  Keep in mind that the measurements we have offered are sufficient.  We are aware of your family, Art and it brings us Joy with the knowing that there are young people involved in Amiable Contact.  May I suggest that their input as well as input from other children might be utilized for your children’s corner on your website, if they are so inclined.

Z:  Thank you, what an exciting suggestion. Michael asks if you can you give us a specific itinerary for each contact, for example, are we meeting on the ground only?

H:  Amiable Contact involves our landing on earth and meeting with you physically.  Yes, this is the grand plan for AC.  This is not to say that there will not be other meetings post Amiable Contact.  Remember that Amiable Contact is a beginning for you and the planned sequence of events is part of Amiable Contact and all that it entails.  There will be many effects from Amiable Contact for all of you and we must take into consideration the after effects on the world.  We have planned for this and will reveal our plans at a later time.

Photographing this historic event is only one of the reasons for Amiable Contact, however, we wish you to know that it is a momentous reason.  Imagine the effect of Amiable Contact when the world sees us, Extraterrestrial and Human greeting one another with Love and the utmost respect with the same intention of peace and brotherhood and a grand way of life for all humankind.  Imagine the catalyst that this will be for humankind!

Z:  I think that some of us really cannot imagine, Helena.  It is a first for us and there are many things that we do not think about because we just have no idea.  We know that it will be huge, it will be like a miracle, but as far as really understanding, especially post Amiable Contact, we are not aware of what will happen.

H:  This is something worth pondering.  Post Amiable Contact, you will be different.  You will be at a stage where you will have an idea of what your next step is.  There will be a briefing for everyone involved, but before that, as well as after, you will receive much knowledge and information from us.  It will be as a quickening for all of you.  Do not be concerned about being mobbed by the media or people.  This has all been taken into consideration and you can be assured that only the highest of vibrations will surround you.  You will be protected always, as you already are.  People will want to know more after AC and there will be methods used where you will be able to express your experience.  This brings to mind Michael’s question about media being present.  I would like to say that for the first AC, we prefer to keep with meeting with Amiable Contacts.  Know that there will be press involved later on.  You are aware that if AC were to occur now and there were press involved, AC would not make it into the media, it would be squashed.  AC would be impossible right now.

To take video footage and photos will show everyone that you are believable.  And remember that First Contact will have already occurred.  AC will inform the people that meeting with us is possible for the average human, that we wish to meet and be in the presence of the average human in all countries.  Everything on your planet will have made a shift by then, it will not be like it is today.  People will be ready and hungry for more.  And Amiable Contact will surely provide for their readiness and hunger!

Z:  Thank you.  Michael asks if we can go for a ride or a visit on the Capricorn.  Please comment.

H:  Most certainly, there will be visits and there will be rides at the appropriate time.  Perhaps we will save this for post AC.  It might be part of a second AC or it may occur spontaneously without planning.  It might be individual or it might be collective.  This information will suffice for now.

Z:  Thank you.  Michael would like to know if he can be taken up and travel to the other AC’s or will all AC’s be visited at the same time by various shuttles.

H:  Amiable Contact is designed so that many civilizations will land and participate.  As we relayed to you in past transmissions, there are specific reasons for this.  Each who will land are versed in specific knowledge that will match with the host of their landing site.  It is like a match up.  For those who are not aware of their specific divine design, they will begin to access their divine function and if necessary, be educated in their specific field.  I do not remember the example given previously, but one might be versed in Botany and this one will be greeted by a shuttle that represents the field of Botany.  Together, a team or group will be formed specifically for working with plants of earth.  Is this explained sufficiently?

Z:  Yes it is Helena.  It is a matter of what we are good at.  And what we did in other lifetimes and on other planets.  If it is something we think that we have no knowledge about but still would like to do it as part of our mission, we have the option.

H:  That is correct.  Please continue.

Z:  Michael asks if you might provide us with 3 days or even 24 hours notice regarding AC?

H:  We will provide you with enough time as to when AC is to occur.  There is no reason to concern yourselves with this at present.  You will know when AC is close because of events beforehand and because of your own raised frequency, knowledge understanding.

Z:  Thank you.  Will you please comment on Michael’s various meetings with ET’s?

H:  I am happy to do so.  This information concerns all of you who meet with ET’s and Light Beings in the alpha state.  This is occurring to prepare you, not only for AC but for post AC.  As you meet with these ones, whether you are consciously aware of it or not, whether you remember it or not, information is being imparted to you; you are learning; you are being taught.  This evokes from within your being memories and knowledge that are an innate part of you.  This is occurring regularly now for your group although some have no remembrance.  This might be a good time for those who are lucid during meetings to attempt telepathic communication with your visitors.

Z:  Can you explain the difference between an Extraterrestrial and a Celestial?

H:  This can be explained in a lengthy way or explained simply.  Let us choose the simpler route, as there is much science, physics and geometry involved here.  It is mostly a matter of frequency or vibration.  Celestial beings reside in the finer or higher dimensions, which means simply that their vibration is higher.  They have experienced many rounds of beingness and have graduated to the top of their class.  This is not to say that they are done, life in the great cosmos is unending and is always a learning and growing experience.  I must inform you also, that there are Light Beings who have never been in a body of any kind.  This is another topic for another time.

Let us regard the ET’s from the 5th dimension.  These wondrous ones have graduated from their 3rd dimensional experience.  They were once like you, but with varying factors that may have included different surroundings or different family structure as well as different occupations.  Very simply, they evolved into a higher form of being.  They lost the density of the limitations involved in being in a dense body.

They have a form that is not dense like the 3rd dimension is.  They carry Light as well as form, which is what you are in the process of becoming.  They have experienced the trials of life as you are and evolved to the point where they ascended to their next state of being.  They have many magical powers, however the magic they carry is all through thought.  In the fifth dimension, a thought manifests instantaneously.

There is another aspect to ET/Celestial beingness.  A highly evolved Celestial is able to be more than one being simultaneously.  A good example is the ascended Master El Morya.  You are aware of X3 from the ET Healing Center, X3 is part of El Morya.  When one is so highly evolved, they are able to function with more than one consciousness at a time.  There are countless such Light Beings who carry this as part of their being.  Can you imagine the learning experiences, the knowledge and the wisdom to reach this state of evolution!  So, an ET might be an individual portion of a Celestial.  Each Soul is able to fragment into several beings simultaneously.  The several beings experiences are felt by the Soul and enables the Soul to evolve through individual experiences.

Your perception of an extraterrestrial has come from your different forms of media and almost always, there is fear attached.  Please know that only beings of the highest vibration are participating with AC and with the ascension of planet Earth.  There are no allowances for entry into the Grand Plan at this time for anyone who does not carry 5th dimensional frequencies and above.  Those left on your planet who are not, are on the way out.  As far as we are concerned, they are long gone.  Please, only perceive your planet and all ships surrounding her as ones of love, light with the greatest respect and admiration for the human species.  There will be more information divulged regarding ET’s in future.  Next question please.

Z:  Michael has offered to write a paragraph or two about how to create legitimate documentary evidence.  Will you please comment?

H:  Certainly. This is good, as it will show that you have done your homework and chose to cover all aspects that you can think of.  This shows an inquiring mind and the fact that Michael has shared it shows that he is thinking.  This is also good group practice and others will learn what this means.

The legal system will change drastically, as you can imagine.  It will be based on trust, respect for one another’s individual sovereignty, which is a divine way to be.  For now, it will do no harm to explain to the group how this law operates.

It will be a wonder to rewrite earth law into universal law.  There is information regarding Universal Law for everyone to peruse.  It might be a good idea for all your AC group to read what exactly Universal Law is about.  You will see how similar and how varying it is compared to the Constitutions of your countries.  Universal Law is followed throughout the Universe and in cases where it might not be, there is not punishment.  It is a matter of one’s regaining their balance.  Do you have another question?

Z:  That is it, Captain Helena.  On behalf of our Amiable Contact group, thank you for providing answers to all our questions.

H:  My pleasure.  Good day to all.

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