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Message # 29, May 25, 2009

Methuselah…  “Many are Called, Few are Chosen”

Received through Zilanthrah


And here we are.  Good day.  The breeze showers all with blessings from on high.

We are here today to clarify some questions.    Firstly, there is the matter of what Helen’s work entails at this time.  We will continue to inspire this grand one through thought communication.  If it is a thought that she feels is worthy of sharing, she may share her thought with Amiable Contacts.  Certain thoughts may be transmitted for a certain individual.  If the individual picks up on the idea presented, this might become a part of this individual’s pre and post Amiable Contact mission.

Helen may write to the individual, if she has a firm grasp who the individual is.  If not, the idea presented might suit more than one who has the possibilities that we are concerned with.

It is akin to being called, volunteering and being chosen.  “Many are called, few are chosen” is a statement that some of you may have heard already.

This is also a lesson on group stewardship.  It is presented once again to the group of Amiable Contacts.  The plan is for these ones to learn how to function in a group that is divinely guided.

This will serve to assist individuals to realize where their skills truly lie.  They might have no idea at this time.  It may stir some remembrance of times past where specific skills and talents were used.  Hopefully there will be a reawakening that will fall into place with their mission now and post Amiable Contact.

Remember that we presented you with the fact that Amiable Contact is much more than greeting one another.  There will be incredible future possibilities for all who participate.  It is the opportunity of a lifetime and we encourage all Amiable Contacts to take the time to ponder what it is that they wish to do as part of creating changes in the Era of New Consciousness.

This plan is designed to reawaken the possibilities that await individuals where they will be able to attain their highest potential in the transition of a planet and those who transition with her.  We present the idea through the little one, who presents to the individual, or individuals, depending upon the little one’s discernment.  Those who are stirred to action will experience a future unlike anything imaginable.

The little one is well versed in communicating with individuals that awakens their truths, for this she is divinely designed and has had much experience with this.  So, we ask that you take this on.

We are also doing what we are asking you to do.  We are presenting an idea to you.  If there is good feedback, we will run with it.  We are a group of divine stewards who work with a group who operate with divine stewardship.

We are aware of the way your group is working and we commend you for your honesty, your suggestions and most of all, for your integrity.  You have learned how to communicate with one another without ego.  When you function in this way, with respect for your peers, you cannot fail.  We are with you in Amiable Contact in a way that you cannot imagine, for it is in our best interests that this be successful.

When the time comes when we are able to assist to make your world a better place, our world will become a better place also.  All who are working toward Amiable Contact, as well as the ascension of humanity, hold the deepest of respect for your realities that are bringing the 5th dimension to planet earth.  To remain in a body, yet carry the attributes of Heaven will be a truly exceptional way of existence.  Imagine the beings you are becoming; to still carry all of your best human attributes that will combine with the attributes of Spirit.  There will be a universal celebration that has never been before.  Your experience of a transitioning human being is like no other.

I Am Methuselah.

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