Oct 14

Message # 28, May 23, 2009


Received through Zilanthrah


I greet you with Love and with Light.  Welcome to our realm.  Welcome to my thoughts that I relay to you,   with gratitude, humility, joy and love in your heart.

What a fine day to greet one another.  I come upon feet of silver wings as I embrace earth and her beings.  This is an official commemoration, as we have much discourse for you.

I welcome you to the fold, dear one.  I wish to have a long and fruitful relationship with you.  I desire to impart personal and collective insight, information and guidance for and through you.  It is in the surrendering and acceptance of your being that you have come down this road.

Indeed, we have heard your thoughts and your words.  Receiving messages from our realms is something that you desire to do.  And so it is done.    We ask that you bring messages regarding our Amiable Contact Project.  We have come to an agreement and have decided that you will do very nicely for the purpose of receiving and disseminating our information.

There are many who wish to relay through you.  And it is all part of the project that your group has been so diligently working upon.    You are all aware by now that this project is no small thing.  We ask that you record all that you feel is important, for there will be in future a compilation of this story.  It will contain  information of the inception of this admirable project and all pertinent details.  You may be the one who will compile all information into the form of a book or other media so that others may become aware of how it transpired.  Indeed, there will be much excitement throughout earth when Amiable Contact occurs.  People will want to know all a bout it. People will want to know how they too might meet and be in the presence of those whom they have been thinking about throughout their lives and whom they have been brainwashed into  the belief that extraterrestrials are of a malevolent nature.  You know that this is as far from the truth as one can hold in their belief system.  Know that the history recorded about AC will become a permanent book on the shelves of universal libraries.  Besides humans, an unfathomable number of et’s will be looking to borrow that book from the library shelf.

This mission will be of ease and it makes sense practically that one who is deeply involved with the project might be the one who keeps the records.

You will be provided with what you require to accomplish this task physically as well as provided with all the guidance and insight that you will require.

For now, we ask that you be principal contact with Captain Helena and others who wish to impart information regarding AC.  This is not to say that others will not also receive information, it is all part of the plan.

You will receive answers to questions and will receive pertinent information that you will require for Amiable Contact to occur successfully.    We see AC as the opportunity of a lifetime for those who participate.

We ask that you clear your schedule for this task so that you may be well rested and surrounded by an energy that allows you to maintain the higher perspective.  We ask that you look after yourself emotionally, mentally and physically.  It is your responsibility to heal the physical ailments you carry.  Know that it is all mostly a matter of the body being in distress.  Once your cells carry stress for too long, it is a climb uphill to regain and maintain well being.  Cells tighten up and are not able to receive all the sustenance of life; it is a hindrance to well being.  The healing method that you are studying we highly recommend.  We also recommend that you do that which soothes and uplifts you.

We are aware that you love to spend your time outdoors.  And now is the time for you to get your hands in the dirt of earth.  As you hum close to the earth, you will become aware when we wish to impart a message.  Perhaps a tiny bird will land near you or you will sense something that lets you know that we are near and wish to relay to you.  Being close to nature is a wonderful and natural way to be connected with us and works well for you.  Surrounded by the beauty of nature is something that you love and it relaxes you.  Is there not a better way than to hear the knock on your door and know that it is time to go indoors, wash your hands and make your way to the keyboard?  We think so.

There have been contacts for you during your sleep time.  You are aware of some of these.  Know that these beings come to you in love and peace. In a way, you are being prepared for what is to come.  Your abode was once an illumined energy in the cosmos and in this state, you were aware of many universal things, including knowledge of the many civilizations who call this universe their home.  You observed much and became aware of the different energies of the Universe.  Therefore, you are well suited for the task ahead.

Following AC, you will have been prepared for your next mission, which you will truly delight in.  You will be utilizing your telepathic abilities on a grander scale.  It will become second nature for you and you will be in your element.  All the so called waiting will have been worth it.

Please look after yourself.  As much relaxation and fun as you can handle will assist to ease the high blood pressure.  This is an effect of stress and being a regular receiver of our transmissions must not be taken lightly.  Resting often will serve to relieve feelings of tiredness, as receiving communications can tend to burn one out if they do not take serious care to maintain balance and harmony of the emotional and physical.  If you see a need to remove yourself from stressful situations, so be it.  We will assist in all the ways that we can to bring more ease into your life.

We are aware that it is a difficult time physically as far as hormonal levels.  Consume and drink that which is healthy for you.  Know that an upliftment and lightening up of the emotional body is essential and will ease all symptoms.  Laugh and include in your lifestyle anything that makes you laugh.  Use that sense of humor, do not engage in any drama; just simply remove yourself from it if you must.

These things you already know but I wish to remind you that you are a valuable asset to our project and we wish you to be in top form.  It is in both your and our best interests.

You may allow the others to do the website work, the editing, all those other details.  There are more details that will come up and require working out.  We will put a bug in the ears of those who we know will be an asset to become involved in working toward AC Project.  They do not understand as you ones who are working tirelessly.  They see that someone else is handling things and their reasoning is that everything is as it should be.  If they would but put one foot in front of the other, they would experience a great blessing through assisting.  It is the way of things among humans.  We will try to put a fire under them, but in the end, it is their decision.  We do as much as we can to prod humans.  We light a flame and many times we see the flame falter and die.  No harm, things will change.  Remember that we do not give you more than you are able to handle. We are aware that you have no doubts, no fear and that this feels right within your being.  It is this part of you that makes you a great candidate, for your ego does not enter the picture.  Your humility and intuition knows what is right and what is not right for you and you try to follow this always.  There are many of you who carry this attribute and we see this as a human in top form; ones who carry and live this attribute of Creator.  Integrity and honesty and a disdain for those who do not practice these attributes are part of your makeup, yet you do not judge. Know that part of what you are feeling is also old ways that are peeling away.  You have much to learn and your journey down the path to ascension has at times not been a pretty one, as is life on planet earth.  But your faith has carried you thus far and continues to do so. I agree that the information about the Urim and Thummin requires to be made known.  Athena is one who will assist with recording the information.  You will know when the time is appropriate.  What has already been recorded by Helen is commended.  There is always the possibility that others may be blessed with this gift from Creator.  It is all in their intention and is a matter of divine timing. It is now time for rest, as your energy is waning.  Take this opportunity to begin to look after yourself.  You have earned it.  En Joy your life, laugh a lot and spend time around those whose energy fits with yours.  Do what you love .

I leave you in gratitude and blessings.  I desire to transmit to you on a daily basis.  At times it will be myself, at times it will be Helena, at times it will be others.  You might be meeting some very interesting beings with interesting information for you very soon.

I Am Methuselah and I am on a mission of Joy, Life and Light.  Peace be with you, my child.

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