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Message # 22, May 21, 2009

Captain Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn

Received through Zoltair


Zoltair:  We are requiring some clarity about the actual landing areas.  Will you require certain dimensions?

Helena:  Yes, we will require that you keep a clear area of 7,850 square feet or larger.  This should be surrounded by a spherical energy known to you as a Merkabah.  You are experts at creating such an entity.

We will be settling into your designs as they are being manifested.  Remember that you as a whole, are perfectly designed to bring these contact points into our dimension.  It will be a group endeavor, so it will require a measure of everyone’s view as to how this should be.  We here are working very closely with all the participants.  From here, it is a wonder to behold, as this is a first in all that is.

As you begin to create this grand awakening, we begin too.  Yes, we are aware that there are many questions that your group of Lightworkers are pondering.  Be open to our transmissions and all will be revealed.

Z:  I am not going to pretend that I completely understand all the questions, so I am handing it over to my higher self and taking the position that I will better serve the group by being the messenger.  Will this be allright?

H:  You are not required to know everything.  As you are the messenger, at best it is a total knowledge of all the participants that will make you all All Knowing.  Here, we do not know everything.  We work on a need to know basis and it is a highly advanced approach to gaining wisdom.  You will experience great advances in your expansion into light body if you practice this.

Z:  Can I do that?

H:  You can and your group can.  In so doing, it creates an ease from which you will always be able to begin anew.  Remember that you are all children of the universe, no less than anyone else, for you are God.  Each and every one of you are the universe rearranging itself to accommodate your picture of reality.  This is no accident, this is Universal Law.  It applies to us here, as well.  If I envision some thought, no matter how simple or seemingly complex, the universe recognizes this and brings me that; it is written, it is done for every living sentient being in all of creation.  It then becomes very important that you are aware of your thoughts, for they are coming true.

So, I say to you; if you see the ships landing on the head of a pin and you hold that view in faith and of pure intent, it is possible.  It is not for me to try to change your view, but it is for you to check with your innermost connection to spirit and use as much discernment as is allowed from your heart.  Here you may want to expand your view to accommodate a bigger picture.

Z:  So what you are saying is that we can discuss this as to how our landing sites should appear and try to glean our own view and this will be perfect; let’s toss this around within the group and manifest the dimensions that best suit the various parties participating?

H:  You’ve got it.  This is how we work in this dimension.

We enjoy the interactions and it is always a wonder to behold.  Till we speak again, go in Love, and together we will continue to expand.

Note from Zoltair:  a 35’ radius equals 3848 sq ft. (a 70’ diameter craft)

A 50’ radius equals 7853 sq. ft. (a 100’ craft)


Note from Helen Engel:

In 2002 I received instructions that the craft would between 50 feet and 75 feet in diameter.


Helena remarked to Zoltair:

H:  Yes, we will require that you keep a clear area of 7,850 square feet or larger.  This should be surrounded by a spherical energy known to you as a Merkabah.

Let us check the math.

Compute diameter of a circle having a surface area of 7850 sq ft.

PI * diameter^2 = area of circle

PI * diameter^2 = 7850 sq ft.

diameter^2 = 7850 sq ft/PI

Divide both sides by PI.

diameter^2 = 2498.7 sq ft

Compute sq rt of both sides of equation

diameter   = sq rt[2498.7]

diameter = 50 ft.

radius = 25 ft.

From the math above, a circle having a radius of 25 ft. (diameter 50 ft.) covers an area of 3848 sq. ft.

Therefore the widest part of the shuttle will have a diameter of 50 ft. or less.

However, the shuttle has landing gear that takes up less space on the ground.  From sketches we have seen, the diameter of the landing gear may be less than 10 ft. in diameter.

Therefore a shuttle could probably land on a surface area that matches the diameter of the craft.

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