Oct 05

Message # 17, April 5, 2009

Mother Mary

Received through Zilanthrah


I come to confirm Methuselah’s message

[merging of the one you know as Lord Sananda

with the energies of Methuselah].

Family has become more sacred with the

merging of our brothers Sananda and Methuselah.



Mother Mary:   I greet you, dear sister of Light.  I come to confirm Methuselah’s message.  I come to wrap my arms around all in a loving and nurturing embrace.

There is Joy in Heaven that we wish to share.  All that is holy now exists on your wonderful Mother Earth.  She is in ultimate Joy in her process of enlightenment.  She shares her heart with us and with you.  She has moved on and experiences only Joy within her bosom.  She has the knowledge that all is well, even though outwardly it may not appear so.  Follow her lead, carry her faith and know that all is well.  The long and winding road continues before you. All of us whom you know are here, and many who have crossed over from your realm are here with us to applaud you with each step that takes you forward on your journey.

Family has become more sacred with the merging of our brothers Sananda and Methuselah.  The energies of both endures, however the energies of love and wisdom that now exist cannot be described.  Feel the merging in the three-fold flame of your heart, for they are there.  Feel the celebration as we do.

I Am Mother Mary.  I am the Universal Mother.  I embrace all of humanity and all living entities.  Walk in Joy.

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