Oct 05

Message # 15, April 4, 2009

Captain Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn

Received through Zilanthrah


I wish to comment on your Amiable Contact project.  We are pleased that there has been response.  These newcomers are indeed in the future plan.  Amiable Contact will occur at the appropriate time.  The energy in motion has brought about change that continues — there will be landings of shuttles.  Know that all will learn more when this occurs.  There will be clarity for you all.  There will be a designation of missions.  For those who are aware of what they desire to do in their mission, this will come to fruition.  You will be guided in all ways.  For those who are not yet aware, there will be delightful surprises.  The changes will be so astounding that you cannot yet comprehend how life will be. But know that it will be joyous, it will be a brand new way of being.  And you will be in your glory, as we will be.

We wish to express our delight and gratitude when we will be able to finally greet you, the way-showers.  You have been diligent.  You have been faithful.  And this suits you as co-creators.  The co-creating in your future will be like nothing that you have experienced.  Your hearts will be overflowing, your wisdom will surprise you.  We salute all Amiable Contacts.  We are in joyous anticipation.  Farewell for now.  I am Helena of the Starship Capricorn.

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