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Message # 14, January 13, 2009

Captain Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn

Received through Zoltair


Unknown Celestial:  As it stands now, some will not see the ships, as they have not progressed sufficiently to see, however those who wish to see and are of pure intent will begin to transmute, and physical adjustment will be made.  Remember, pure intent – I Am That, I Am.


Captain Helena:  If it seems that I am taking you way out there, completely off the subject, it is only because it is important that in your English language, you are given the opportunity to allow the information about to be given to rest gently on acellular basis.  Your language is not a language of communication but of weighing and measuring.  If  I say to you “we are already there, we are waiting for you,” would it be accurate?

Zilanthrah and Zoltair are aware, as many of you are, that the hand of Divine Direction rests firmly over your heads, that we walk with you, we breathe with you.  We are constantly in contact.  It has only been in recent times that you have begun to raise your vibrations high enough to understand this concept.  If you were aware of the mechanism which can change channels instantaneously from 3rd and 4th dimension to 5th and 6th and above, you would automatically do so, because it is in your hearts that this be so.  Know that what you seek has already transpired.  Know that we admire your tenacity and steadfastness in the face of so much telling you otherwise.  Will it be your own Divine Intervention that constructs the vector to us?

Please allow your awareness to focus on pure intent. Please allow negativity to pass.  As you do this, your vibration will reach a high enough point to which this will come to pass.  Time is of great importance to one who has experienced what seems to be separation from Source.  For us, time does not exist, for everything; past, present and future is unfolding simultaneously.

So, you see, the more involved, the greater the opportunity.  I am your Captain and it is from the deepest Love, affection and respect for you that I offer this encoded message.  Know, at all times, you are correct.  You are always correct, for in your reality, it is because you say that it is.

From all of us here, we send a sprinkling of Light into every cell of all humans.  Continue with your Amiable Contact program and it will reveal its own power.  It is an honorable endeavor.

Zoltair:  Thank you, dear Helena.

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